austingosser A BCZ Site Tue, 13 Jun 2017 11:37:46 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Herpes Lesions in Women Tue, 13 Jun 2017 11:37:46 +0000 Austin Gosser Continue reading ]]> Headache is a constant problem that lasts during most of the episode. The discomfort is often in the front portion of the head but seems diflicult to define. It is persistent. Sleep makes little difference; a patient will complain of the headache on going to bed and on arising. It is not severe and can usually be controlled by aspirin every 4 to 6 hours.


The first symptoms to appear in the genital type of Herpes in women are the usual ones of headache, enlarged lymph nodes, and a mild fever. Sores in the mouth may or may not be present. Burning on urination is common. These symptoms all may appear before the sensitivity begins in the genital area.

The ulcers of the disease may be multiple or there may be just a few. A finding of only one sore is not unusual. The lesions may be distributed widely over the perineum and the vulva, from the monsveneris (in front, where the hair is), over the clitoris, the labia, and the forchet (the area between the posterior portion of the vagina and the anus). Sores may be noted to each side toward the thighs. Lesions in the area of the anus are not uncommon.

The typical lesions of Herpes in women are about one centimeter or one fourth “of an inch in diameter and are extremely painful to the touch. The pain is particularly severe in sores which are located on the labia (the lips of the vagina) or the clitoris (the structure that is in front of the vagina and is highly supplied with nerves).

When the labia are involved with the disease process, they may swell to twice the normal size blood cells. The layer is hard and, at first, firmly adherhent to the underlying ulcer.

In six or seven days the crusts begin to fall ofi. This process is nearly completed in forty-eight hours. There may be a small amount of bleeding when the crusts separate. Left behind is a patch of inflammation roughly identical in size and shape to the area of vesiculation. In an indefinite number of days the redness fades and the lesions disappear.

Lymph node enlargement follows the same course in men and women and usually is completed with the fad- ing of the inflammation. ‘

Herpes in men reminds me of a first or second degree burn caused by a hot stove. In a few hours after touching the stove a large blister forms. When the blister breaks (and it may be tough and slower to break than a blister of Herpes), there is an area of ulceration revealed. This area is very tender. If the burn has destroyed the deep layer of the skin, primary healing cannot occur. The growing, regenerating cells of the skin are missing and healing is slower. Scarring results.

A similar situation occurs when the Herpes lesions penetrate deeper tissues; a scar is the result. Scarring is not usual but is sometimes seen won the shaft of the penis where the skin is thin and very tender. Subsequent episodes may recur in the same site causing the skin to become parchment-like and shiny.

Occasionally, the blisters are merely pencil-point-size ulcers. This type of lesion seems to be less painful and to heal more rapidly.

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Genital Herpes Fever Symptom Tue, 13 Jun 2017 11:22:38 +0000 Austin Gosser Continue reading ]]> Lesions of the genital region can be caused by either Type 2 or Type 1 Herpes simplex virus. The strain of the virus most dominant is Type 2. The sores begin two to twelve days after exposure to someone who has active lesions.

A number of symptoms are common to the disease in both sexes. I shall describe those first and then discuss the particular problems of women. Finally I shall take up the disease as it relates to men, and then to homosexuals.

Symptoms which are seen in both male and female herpetic involvement include enlargement of‘ the lymph glands, fever, and headache. The lymphatic system is one of our vital defenses. Whenever the human body is invaded by an extrinsic substance like a toxin or a virus, the system carries the oflender to a place where there is an excellent blood supply. Lymph nodes are such sites and are located in many places throughout the body.

Because of the plentiful blood supply in the nodes, the protective elements of the system can defend against the invaders. It is like some old Western movie scouts leading the band of black-hatted villains into an ambush where there are many good white-hatted cowboys who can do battle and win! However, during the skirmish there are losses on both sides.

This scenario holds when the body’s defenses do battle with the Herpes virus. During the fight, good blood cells are destroyed by the invaders. If our defenses are‘ strong, more of the attackers are eliminated than the’ cells of our bloodstream, and our system improves until we are cured. However, if our system is weakened, the invaders will destroy the defensive cells and we become more ill.

The lymph glands are usually not palpable (they cannot ordinarily be felt) but during the conflict with the disease elements these glands have the task of localizing the attack and cleaning up any debris left from the battling of the cells. In this event the glands can easily be detected by pressing the fingers gently against the area where they are located. We have all felt such enlarged glands while feeling the area of our neck below the car when we have had a sore throat. In addition, there are many other clusters of nodes: under the jaw, at the nape of the neck, behind the ears, in the axillae (the arm pits), and in the groin. Many other nodes are not palpable and are located along the course of the intestine and other inaccessible places.

The lymph glands swell in the area close to the site of the infection: in the neck area in cases of severe fever blisters, and in the groin in the cases of genital Herpes. There may be several groups of glands that are enlarged. When the glands are swollen, there is a mild pain or soreness that accompanies pressure on the area. Many patients will not notice the sensitivity until the glands are touched. The swelling. lasts during the entire period of the active infection and may remain for some time afterward.

Fever is another common symptom. A temperature elevation of 99.8° to 100.5° is not uncommon. Higher temperatures are not usual unless the patient has a constant current bacterial infection. The fever ordinarily lasts during the first five or six days of the attack and then returns to normal.

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What You Need To Know About Keratitis Tue, 13 Jun 2017 11:17:45 +0000 Austin Gosser Continue reading ]]> Herpes require immediate consultation with an ophthalmologist, a physician with experience in treatment of diseases of the eye.

The serious nature of this problem is manifest when scratch on the lens of a camera, will ‘cause the image which is reflected on the retina of the inner portion of the eye (as on the photographic film) to be diffuse or fuzzy.

Debbie came into our clinic in pain and ill. She had serious Herpetic lesions in the vaginal region and around her mouth. Another problem was that of painful red eyes. The blood vessels were inflamed andlight caused her pain. Staining with flourescein (an agent in eye drops that outlines tiny irregularities of the surface of the eye) showed some small ulcers of the cornea. For this problem of keratitis Debbie was referred immediately to an eye clinic to assist in the care of a difficult problem.


Herpes lesions are not limited to the lips, the eyes, or the genitalia. Occasionally one finds the sores in remote parts of the body. Walter was an above average student who suffered from a habit not uncommon in persons who are concentrating. He often sucked, chewed, or at least touched to his lips the second joint of the index finger of his left hand.

When he presented himself at the clinic, his main complaint was that of an ulcer at the second joint of the left index finger. Walter had previously seen other physicians who had tested the fester for syphilis, but the local microscopic examination called the dark—field had been negative. In this examination a skilled technician can identify the spirochetes which cause the disease. The blood test for syphilis was also negative.

Walter did have a fever blister and on close questioning, the relationship of putting that particular area of his finger to his lips revealed the answer to the diagnostic puzzle. We became suspicious of Herpes. Both sores, the finger and the lip, revealed positive cultures of. Herpes simplex virus, Type 1. This kind of lesion is. seen often enough to have been given its own name. It is called a Herpetic Whitlow.

Walter’s case illustrates two things about Herpes: one, that Herpes can attack the tough skin covering of the body as well as the softer and more vulnerable mucous membranes; and two, that the condition can spread by direct contact or “autoinoculation.”

Josie is a pleasant, genteel lady of 72 years. She came to us as a result of the ads in the newspaper and was by far the oldest person whom I have seen who has been proven to have Herpes simplex virus disease.

Josie related having a single recurrent lesion about the size of a silver dollar on the upper part of her right buttock. The significant fact about her history is that the blister had been recurring about every month for forty years. We were able to culture the virus from the fluid of the infected site.

In addition to this evidence that she did have Herpes, we found another positive test which confirmed the diagnosis. Large cells which have multiple nuclei were found. These giant cells have an odd but quite consistant appearance under the microscope. They are seen in the serum (fluid) which exudes from the sores. Finding these large cells was previously the primary method of making the diagnosis and still is one way of helping to confirm it.

Josie seems to be one of those people whose immune level remains low.

Large cells which have multiple nuclei were found. These giant cells have an odd but quite consistant appearance under the microscope. They are seen in the serum (fluid) which exudes from the sores. Finding these large cells was previously the primary method of making the diagnosis and still is one way of helping to confirm it.

Josie seems to be one of those people whose immune level remains low.

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Dealing With & Understanding Herpes Mon, 05 Jun 2017 02:02:45 +0000 Austin Gosser Continue reading ]]> By far the most important key to dealing with herpes is understanding and knowing what to do about contagion. Fears associated with being around other people, bearing or taking care of children, and, in general, being able to do and feel as you please, center on uncertainty about when or how you may be able to transmit the virus. This article is designed to give you the facts about contagion and showing you how contagion can be dealt with by exercising a minimum of care. This in turn will reduce your anxiety. When this issue is clear, you’ll find that many other concerns you may have had will take care of themselves. Let’s look at how herpes is transmitted, when a person is contagious, and what this means for you in terms of interacting with other people according to

In my experience with men and women who have just; contracted herpes, I’ve found that one run—through of the facts is not enough to allay fears and help the adjustment process get started. So I’ll recap the facts already touched I on and then go into them more fully. Learn about

Recognize that your first response to the potential risks } may be much more alarming than is necessary, but it will 5 serve the purpose of impressing you with the importance of preventative behavior that will ultimately free you to live with a minimum of disturbance in your routine and interpersonal relationships.


Herpes can only be transmitted through direct physical contact. When the virus is in its latent stage, it is not f transmissible. When there is sufficient virus present at the : surface of the body, someone must touch it to become infected by it. The contagion area is highly localized and, Oral-genital sex, if either a lip sore or genital sore is pre- sent, can result in transmission——lip to genitals or genitals to mouth according to

Herpes is highly contagious when sores are present. The development of an active infection in another person depends on an interplay among:

• How much virus invades that person’s body through mucous membranes or a break in the skin.
• Whether or not the person has some measure of immunity to the virus.
• His or her state of resistance to infection at that time.

Keep all these in mind as we work through what they mean for you. I am assuming here that you have had a primary episode, and the virus has been dormant. A typical recurrence is preceded by some signs that the virus is becoming active in its nerve cell hideaway. These are the prodromal signs, or warning symptoms. Identify yours from the list ‘in Chapter 9. They are not unlike symptoms you have felt before. These indicate viral activity and possible migration towards the body surface and may disappear without the appearance of a rash. This is very common once your body has adapted and you have some measure of control over recurrences. During prodromal periods, friction from intercourse or vigorous masturbation could bring on or facilitate an outbreak and rash if physical trauma is one of your particular trigger factors according to

Prodromal signs are a warning to be careful and think in terms of sex play other than active intercourse. The virus very rarely can be picked up on a swab at this time, but as you can see, you could play a role in speeding up the development of an outbreak. People often report breaking out the day after making love during the prodrome. Learn about Mediviral

As soon as any signs appear on the skin, such as a red spot, you have to assume the presence of replicating virus. Culture tests are almost always positive at this point. If blisters develop, the fluid contained in them is very high in live virus. This is the time of the greatest risk. Even as the sores begin to heal and scab over, there is still action going on between your body and the virus, which you could aggravate by friction, increasing your chances of transmission. However, this is the turning point in an outbreak. Virus replication has stopped and the virus is beginning to recede from the body surface.
For a person who has had herpes for some time, presence of the virus in a recurrent outbreak (viral shedding) lasts on the average for the first three or four days in a typical seven-to-ten-day rash. So long as adjustment is going according to plan with nothing hindering it, reactivations should continue to decrease in severity. This is generally the common course, and you can, in all likelihood, get to the point of decreased severity in a reasonable time (see Chapter 9 on preventing recurrences).

First you must define your contagion parameters and plan your activities with them in mind. The conservative approach is to assume the potential for transmission from just before sores show until the area is healed over with new skin. There are at times (at the beginning of an break and during its healing) when it is not clear whether virus is present or not. The only way you could be I absolutely sure when virus is present in an outbreak would be to have viral cultures taken at different stages. But this, of course, is not an accurate predictor for future outbreaks. So the safest approach is to exercise precautions from the time just before the rash shows until the scabs fall off and the area is covered with new skin. There is some evidence that a previous history of herpes might offer some protection against subsequent infections. For instance, genital infections in someone with a history of cold sores will probably be less severe than in someone without. Similarly, subclinical infections may well offer some protection. But we have to be careful here.

There are many varieties or strains of HSV I and II. While you may have partial-protection, it is possible to get another infection in a different location. The reality, however, is that partners with herpes do not appear to give each other new infections in different locations very easily. Nonetheless, from what we know of the behavior of the virus, it is still possible.

The facts about infecting another person also apply to self-transfer. You can transfer herpes to another part of your own body. The eyes and fingers are particularly susceptible. This, in fact, doesn’t happen very often with recurrent herpes. It is much more of a problem during a primary infection when the body has little or no defense against a viral invasion in another part of the body. Self-transfer from a genital infection to the eyes is virtually unknown, simply because of the location of the lesions though it is possible. It is more common from facial sores, but again, not very likely from recurrent outbreaks. You probably never will self-inoculate. If you take the precautions outlined later in the chapter, even the smallest risk should be removed.

Points to Remember

• There is no virus in the skin between outbreaks.
• Transmission can occur from just before sores show, encouraged by vigorous rubbing of the area, until new skin heals over the rash.
• Your chances of developing a second genital infection from a partner or from self—inoculation are quite low, but nevertheless present.

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What I Learned about NLP Hypnosis Trainers Mon, 30 Jan 2017 21:47:10 +0000 Austin Gosser Continue reading ]]> The best NLP trainers will teach you that the techniques are not NLP, that NLP is made up of a way of thinking about people, and this is where we get our flexibility from.

Unfortunately, most people seem to just disregard this and assume that the techniques are in fact NLP.

After all, how can you do a study on how you think about people? It would be very difficult. This is only one of the errors with the scientific method model with regard to validity of claims.

Having talked to numerous doctors and other science professionals, it’s very clear that not everything can be explained by science. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very good model for determining which medicines work. But applied to disciplines having to do with the mind, it is MUCH less reliable to do a scientific study on it and say “this works” or doesn’t work.

If you have studied logic and argument, it follows very naturally and obviously that something falling outside of the realm of science is not necessarily “not true.” Rather, it is simply unproven, a different thing altogether. Learn more about hypnosis training at

The same people I’ve met who cling to science as an absolute truth, are occasionally also very religious. I ask them, how can you believe without science in one thing, and demand it in another thing?

And it has to do with the nature of the distinctions that are being made. There are different levels of proof.

Lots of people like to say that Newton’s Laws of Motion are “ONLY” a theory. And they have never been proven absolutely true. However, they also have never been proven wrong, except in the very small amount of instances allowed for by Einstein’s work on relativity. That is a very high standard of proof.

In scientific circles of medicine, a double-blind study is known to be a high standard of proof, but even that is less concrete than Newton’s laws of motion. A double blind study is not absolutely proven, but is likely to be true.

Then there are things that are unproven and likely to be false, such as the recently publicized article of a man who was bitten by a recluse spider and is able to walk again after being a cripple for many years. Even though the evidence suggests the spider bite played no role, some people will generalize and believe fervently in the healing power of spider bites, because of the way in which they become convinced.

Understanding that there are different levels of proof is critical to this debate. Although NLP has not been “conclusively proven” in expensive studies, it has a higher probability of being true as compared to the garden variety of claims being made.

I have heard time and time again, the claim that NLP is “the same as” those wacky claims, simply because it has not been confirmed by the scientific method. They use words like “psuedoscience” to describe it – a catch-all feel good term which could be said equally of the field of psychology or other mind disciplines.

Scientific studies cost lots of money to fund, and, as I’m sure one of our resident science experts will confirm (I’ve been poking Muinro to make his post on this for months now), studies can be manipulated in many ways, and can have distinct biases inherent in them.

Therefore, we must always consider the level of proof that we are presented with. It is insufficient to categorize disciplines in a black or white manner, as being either scientific or not. Since the scientific method is not the end-all be-all of proof in the universe, the claim that something unscientific is also “made up” is a claim made out of ignorance and laziness in thinking.

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Beautiful Nantucket Portrait Photography Sat, 24 Dec 2016 17:27:02 +0000 Austin Gosser Continue reading ]]> Nantucket is a popular tourist destination with beautiful natural scenery and historical backdrops that make it incredibly desirable for portrait photography.
Many of the Nantucket portrait photographers shoot digital photography these days.

What You Need To Know About Digital Portrait Photography

The simplest way to use Picture Control is to use the Raw format and then select the most appropriate Picture Control when you process your images. Most of the main manufacturers have their own Raw conversion software that lets you apply the same Picture Control settings that you have in-camera. Alternatively, if you use Light room or Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop CS/CC to process your Raw files, the program gives you the choice of using at least some of your camera’s built-in Picture Control settings. The benefit is that when you use the Raw format you have the flexibility to process each photo on an individual basis, or even to make more than one interpretation of a photo. For example, it is easy to create two versions of the same image, one in color, and another in black and white. If you use the JPEG format, the processing essentially happens in-camera. You can still change the color balance, saturation and contrast in Photoshop if you wish, but you don’t have nearly as many options as a Raw file gives you.

Learn more at and

Using Raw If you are new to digital photography you may be under the impression that using the Raw format is more difficult than using JPEG. This is not true. In many ways the JPEG format is more difficult to work with because you need to get all the settings, including Picture Control, correct in-camera. The aim is to get a near perfect JPEG from the camera, or as close as possible, to keep post-processing requirements to a minimum. Learn more at
While you can do a lot to a JPEG file in Photoshop if you have to, you may find that you lose image quality, or the image starts to pixelate, if you change the color balance, brightness or contrast too much.

Using Raw is much simpler because it gives you much more flexibility. If you use Raw, you change the Picture Control and other color and contrast settings easily in post- processing without losing any image quality. It’s a huge advantage. My approach to photography is to keep things as simple as possible. That’s why I use Raw. However, I realize some of you will not be ready to use the Raw format yet. If this is you, then you may be pleased to know that you can alter the parameters of each Picture Control using the camera’s menu. This lets you change settings like sharpness, color saturation and contrast to create your own look. The instructions on the next page show you how.

If you go deeper into your camera’s Picture Control settings you will find that you can modify the default settings. Some cameras let you save the modified settings as a custom Picture Control. The benefit of this is that you can use one of your camera’s built in Picture Controls as a starting point, and modify it to suit your style of photography. This is more of interest to photographers who use the JPEG format than it is to those who use Raw. But it is useful to know about regardless, as it helps you understand how the color controls on your camera work. I will show you how it works here on my Canon EOS cameras. Check your manual to see the settings for your camera. These are the six built-in Picture Style settings on my EOS 5D Mark II camera. Each Picture Style (excluding monochrome) is comprised of four modifiable settings: sharpness, contrast, saturation and color tone. The numbers on the right show the current sharpness, contrast, saturation and color tone settings for each Picture Style.

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17 Day Diet For Quick Weight Loss Mon, 12 Dec 2016 14:13:07 +0000 Austin Gosser Continue reading ]]> I recently tried the 17 Day Diet because I had to lose some quick weight. Realized I am gaining weight because of entertainment, I would say to myself that if I am going to eat I might as well eat in front of the TV. So I began to associate food with stress reduction. Now that I have realized that I only eat in the boring ass kitchen and began weight lifting 20 minutes a day. I have lost like 10 or so pounds in a month. I don’t really worry about the weight, I just look at my figure. The keyword is CONSISTENCY. You need to do the things that work and a consistent basis, that will create weight loss or whatever goal in life you set yourself.

What I Learned about the 17 Day Diet

Lend some books about motivation, just move more and eat less crap. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, bring your own food to work and so on. I haven’t read anything in this thread but that’s what I can say about the topic. I got a friend who had a shoulder surgery last week, and he got mass of fat fast! He wants to loose his fat but he cannot do sports for another 5 weeks.

What is, in your opinion, the best 17 day diet guide on this website that could permit him to stay fit or loose weight before he can take back his former activities (he was a great boxer). I cannot give him this thread cause he’s not on the place. I don’t watch my calories at all. I don’t think calories are an accurate or useful measure to use when you’re watching your weight loss. The one calorie isn’t the other. A glass of Coke and Fresh fruit juice have about the same calories, however, the calories in your glass of juices are all embedded in the rest of the nutrition while the refined sugar in the coke goes will be almost instantly turned to fat if you don’t burn it directly according to

17 Day Meal Plan

Same goes for food like oatmeal, very high on calories, but it’s all from non-sugar carbs. So you can basically eat it all day long if you want to. Hey guys, does anyone here goes Gym? Is there any ways to become motivate to become fit (no I am not trying to gain abs)? Any idea? I simply cannot afford like $80 per month, and on top of that they lock you into a one year contract in Australia this company called Fitness First basically have a monopoly only most of the fitness centers. Which really sucks. So how are you guys doing it? You do not really need a gym, in fact, the more you become self motivated the better.

Try to get your own set of dumbbells, read “Infinite Intensity” by Ross Enamait from this tracker or even buy it (I respect the guy and the book, so I encourage purchasing it)

For 80$ Australian a month you can for sure get a nice set of dumbbells with enough weight in a year. Buy a small one, take at least up to 20 Kilos at first and then build your way up. With the 960$ you would normally spend, I am sure you can buy some equipment, good running shoes, and this even just equates one year of gym membership.

With the equipment you can buy in 5 years of gym membership fees, you can open your own private gym. And the best thing is, weights come in small and big and you can spend the money when you want it. Everything else is about 17 day diet.

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Copulation With Vigrx Plus Sun, 11 Dec 2016 20:52:27 +0000 Austin Gosser Continue reading ]]> My prediction for 4th wave feminism – young men will be forced to ‘man up’ and have sex with old women because ‘they are so hot’ thanks to Vigrx Plus. It means that Croatians have no sex education at all. It’s too controversial subject, church would object etc. Basically it’s unthinkable, especially this graphic display. What would be allowed is for medical doctors to tell you what kind of diseases you can get if you have sex. I think we had like 30 minutes in high school where we walked to some white coat office and she told us some crap that I forgot and asked if there are some questions.

I haven’t even watched those videos yet tbh, just skimmed through norveigan one. Fuck demonstrations. Nobody learned how to play guitar or dance salsa by watching demonstrations. You gotta do it. :wink:

I remember a passage from sex at dawn book. Spanish brutes on their way to conquer the world got on some small island and were present during sex ed. 13 year old girl chose her partner, a huge muscular 20+ year old and they were doing it in front of entire tribe. Women were shouting some advice at her.

This implies they have already solved majority of issues, like embarassment, guilt, sex is bad and other chistiantiy/muslim/jew caused crap.

That’s how it would look at the end. In the beginning, well that depends on the group. Someone who is super shy needs different program from someone who’s relaxed around opposite sex that uses Vigrx Plus.

Step by step CBT like style is what I’d use, plus teaching mindfulnes meditations to the more fucked up.

Of course everything would have to be voluntarily and it should be completely optional. You can’t cram it into a school program. Some people wanna get laid and are ready at 13, some people are ready at 25 or 35.

What majority could benefit from is learning about oxytocin and how touching and hugging is good for you. That’s a step that majority could do – learn how to hug and touch in high school. Even earlier. And hugging touching may need a year for some supershy people to advance to. Vigrx Plus will give men the stamina they need.

That’s why it has to be completely voluntary. Forcing anything can do more harm than good.

And you don’t get to decide for anyone what kind of sex life he’ll have, even if you want the best for him/her and want him/her to have no sexual hangups. Each soul has it’s path and it’s not up to you to interfere. Learn more at

That’s why it has to be completely voluntary. Forcing anything can do more harm than good.

I feel like I should repeat this a few more times from a few more angles so it sinks in. But I ain’t goona. That would be awesome but then I Iook around and see in what society I live and can only imagine what kind of an outcry there would be. The funny thing is, only major criticism the Swedish video caused in Sweden was; “why the f is it erect?” And to be honest, it’s a fair question. The teaching on many topics related to sex and sexuality should be natural and without mystery.

It is important to take into account not only anatomical aspects but also all physiological aspects.

The idea of learning or experiencing a hug and all its benefits should be part of teaching in the same way as instructed on how to have intercourse. Kinds from very young age learn now from porn instead, because of very easy access to it. Plus it destroys their overstimulated by it brains, neurochemistry, etc. It will be a disaster for a society, sexuality, energy, health, relations, etc in a few years, when they will become adult. I found that even now on TV, they started to advertise drugs with Sildenafil (Viagra`s main ingridient), that you do not need a prescription and can buy in a pharmacy store or on the internet.

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Pherazone For Men …. Great Results Thu, 01 Dec 2016 11:21:45 +0000 Austin Gosser Continue reading ]]> Before I met my ex, I had been using Pherazone for men, a powerful pheromone fragrance sold online. All my game was based on getting the girl to acknowledge how much I want to rail her..
I remember, three different girls in a row said to me ‘I feel like you’re piercing into my soul’ <– Those actual words from all three.

Using Pherazone I felt more confident around women. This is an extremely potent and pleasant smelling pheromone cologne. Because I would literally sit there and stare deeply into their eyes and they were speaking.. Just building the deep connection.
When they'd stop speaking, I would relish in the tension that was caused by the silence.. Watching them gasp for ideas to come into their mind. I knew the pheromones were working.

I went from no girls in 2 years, to fucking 3 girls in 1 month all thanks to pheromones. I know many people do more than this but for me, this was insane.

How Pherazone Helped Me

I went from having sex with 1 girl in my whole life, to having a girl so wildly insane with me that the 2nd time we met SHE took initiative to suck me off on a coach on the top floor of the library on campus.. Other days this girl would bring me to my car and ride me… HER initiative.

Then I left my 3 yr commitment and I did it again.. I started off a little rusty. The first girl I actually got, and I spoke about railing this other girl at work in my car but we never did because I was too much involved with the other girl that I was also working with.

Then Maddie occurred (for those of you who have been reading my journal) and I failed miserably. I was WAY too invested in her. Then Korey occurred and I also failed.

Pheromone Validation

In the beginning, I was validated endlessly by both of these girls. Korey gave me a shocked ass face when she saw realized that I was talking to her, and when I stared at her lips she smiled at me. Maddie spent 15 minutes showing me cool instagram pics of herself and talking to me about her life before she gave me her number.

I met Maddie like 2 months before Korey, with Maddie I learned that I wanted to become warm. And when I say warm, I mean that I wanted to give an instant zest of sensual capabilities.. She gave off this warmth, this sensual love for herself that you could smell a mile away.

So I decided to focus my intentions on becoming warm.. That turned into building an intimate connection with myself.. Causing me to completely devalue girls, looking at them as people rather than sexual objects.. I stopped hitting on them for a while, and I maintained focus on how to love myself more.

My goal was to become as expressive of myself as possible.
So I began really loving myself.. And I still am learning how to but some things:

I now feel in love with myself as if I am in love with someone. I am completely authentic with how I feel, and I am focused on my passions and purpose in life I am more in-tune with myself than I have been in my whole life

This has really improved my whole life, but when it comes to girls I began doing things all wrong. When I started going for girls again I intended to connect with them on a level of friendship.. Without really knowing that's what I was doing. I wanted them to feel really comfortable around me – to feel like they could share the deep parts of themselves easily.. To act from their personality rather than showing me the persona that they show everyone.

And where did this take me? It caused the girls I was speaking with to first think I was fucking top shelf (because of the persona that I have) but then as I connected to them, my intent of comfort made them feel uncomfortable.. And I presume not just uncomfortable.. I presume they also looked at me like a low-valued beta.. Because it made them feel like I was trying to manipulate them into sex through the 'nice guy' routine.. Which was FAR from what I intended to do..

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Unscented Pheromone Sprays That Work Tue, 29 Nov 2016 01:00:49 +0000 Austin Gosser Continue reading ]]> After the 1st year of using human pheromones baby girl i already knew that many things definitely not going to work with my woman, my anger was gaining ground, as well apathy, certain personal dropouts. I was using unscented pheromone sprays such as Pherazone.

We live a stressful and neurothic relationship for just over three years, we tried hard to go on, we wanted to continue trying again and again, we had good sex until the last moments, habituated pheromones, but good. Learn more at

The separation was hard, as usually are when we deal with depp feelings. Lack of work and money leaded me to land in my 43′s at my mother’s house for an year and a half. It should be noted: we never had a smooth relationship with pheromone users. Learn about pheromones for women.

I deal with this intermitent cohabitation ( i lived in friends houses too), but I think it destroyed much of my brain, among other things.

After that (here we are in 2016!) i returned to my house (left when we broke up to my ex and girls until they could move… now).

These days I find myself usually with little energy (days more days less), several years ago gradually i dedicate less time to play music (working on it right now this days). I’m working too in my relationships: i think they become a little roughness; I do miss the past, not having sex more than myself, little by little back to go out, to gain confidence, to enter into discussions, meeting people, flirting with pheromones. Learn more at

I don’t think it’s only about aging, just thinking i’m in debt with my very deepest inner self. I have not gone too far with pheromone attraction.

-Online Dating doesn’t work for me. I’m in 4 social networks (Badoo, happn, Tinder & OkCupid) and have achieved only a couple of crushes … none was answered when messaged.

-Going Out doesn’t seems to work. Usually i’m alone at home or too tired and demotivated just to begin the adventure. My friends about my age are married or worse than me… Not easy to get a wingmen. I failed to make younger friends who have the spirit either …

Yesterday i celebrated my birthday. Among the guests came an astrology’s clas.smate, 20 years younger than me. Our relationship so far has been based on empathy that naturally came up and a bit of hysteria of real pheromones.

I think it was the ideal opportunity. She was the last person to went my home … and beyond occasional hug and touch during the meeting … I did not “find” the momentum to move forward or escalate. I think i’m fucked up!

I’m thinking that maybe there’s some organic problem, about testosterone or something? In my daily fantasies I WANT to fuck her (as many others) but at the moment of truth … It seems like don’t.

Something important to note: despite these situations and what i previously told, I generally feel good. I am fully aware that it is a moment in my life I am going through, which I’m learning and I will be victorious.

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