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First of all, we would like to ease your mind a bit here. Namely, there are significantly more men than you can imagine that suffer from the same problem as you do. Low semen volume is a condition that affects a number of men and it is particularly widespread as different men find different amounts of semen inadequate.  Some men are too critical in this respect, but it is a fact that a number of men feel they are in need of a product that is going to help them achieve more pleasurable orgasms by increasing the amount of semen they ejaculate.

What Are Volume Pills

There is no doubt that erectile dysfunction pills such as Viagra and Cialis changed the way we think about and talk about erectile dysfunction. It used to be a taboo subject, but it is now as common as talking about barbeque. However, there are certain sexual problems that happen to a lot of men that we still do not talk about freely and without certain shame involved. The one problem we are going to tackle here, as it can be remedied by Volume Pills is the low ejaculate volume.

This problem happens to a number of men worldwide and it has many detrimental effects on the male performance. First of all, the man enjoys orgasms much less. Because of this, they become much less interested in sex and feel incompetent. Luckily, there is Volume Pills which you can learn more about at

More Pleasurable Orgasms

This problem is one with many consequences. For example, many people, both men, and women, connect the amount of semen with virility and potency. This may not be conscious, but it happens nevertheless.

This means that men who have low semen levels can often feel inadequate of unable to please their partners. Also, this may prove an issue when trying to conceive as larger amounts of semen increase the chances of conception. The worst thing about this is that for a long time, men who had this issue had nowhere to turn. Fortunately, it is now possible to address this issue, and very successfully by using Volume Pills. Learn what makes Volume Pills so good.

Completely Safe Ingredients

These are just some of the things that you can expect when taking Volume Pills. First of all, you can expect to be completely safe as Volume Pills is made form only the most natural products in the world and can cause no side effects at all. Secondly, through the action of those different ingredients, the increase in the amount of semen is staggering. These ingredients promote the production of testosterone in the body, which is essential for the production of semen. Learn more at

This also means that your orgasms are going to become more pleasurable for you, as you will have more contractions needed to expel all that semen out of your body, resulting in stronger orgasms.
In addition, Volume Pills will also improve the health of your penis through significant improvements to the vascular system in the genital area, allowing better blood flow and increasing your stamina. Finally, it will allow you to control your erections and your ejaculations much better, effectively addressing the issue of premature ejaculation or less than satisfying erections. Learn more at

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What Makes Volume Pills So Good? Sun, 18 Mar 2018 16:41:08 +0000 Austin Gosser Continue reading ]]> Volume Pills are the doctor approved, 100% natural way to increase your sperm load. It is an over the counter male enhancement product that will help create explosive orgasms for men and their partners. The formula nourishes a man’s reproductive system.

About Volume Pills

Taking a Volume Pills for 60 days will increase semen volume, give men greater control over erections, help men generate bigger and harder erections on demand, lower or even eliminate the incident of premature ejaculations.

Studies show men who use Volume Pills for the prescribed time frame and as directed, will triple their orgasm intensity, experience explosive ejaculations and produce 500% more semen than before taking the Volume Pills. When a man’s semen volume increases, the penis muscles work harder to ejaculate greater volumes of semen. The all natural pills have no reported or known side effects. The product is safe for men to use and effective.


Sexual research reveals sexual desire and satisfaction are proportional to self-image and self-confidence. Men who use Volume Pills report their sexual confidence reaches an all-time high and their performance improves as well as their erections and ejaculations. The ingredients in the volume pill have been used for many years to enhance stamina and heightened sexual desire.

Volume Pills have demonstrated to lessen the likelihood of premature ejaculation. That in itself is a tremendous boost to men, their confidence and to some degree, their ego. Using Volume Pills will make men’s volume of semen increase and make the user more attractive and sexual. Learn about Volume Pills and ejaculation power.

Further study reveals women, although subconsciously, desire men who have the ability to generate an increased volume of semen and that translates to better sex and better orgasms for all involved. Volume pills are the right tool for men who want to increase their semen load and generate better ejaculations. Learn more at

Volume Pills Ingredients

For men concerned about their lack of sperm volume, there is a product on the market that will help increase that volume to respectable levels. Volume Pills was designed to kick men’s sexual health up a notch and increase sperm levels. The Pills also work on the entire reproductive health of men including increasing erections, more explosive orgasms, more sexual energy and adding penis length and girth.

The pills are made from natural ingredients that were chosen for their abilities to encourage additional blood flow to the penis, providing more sexual energy and increasing sperm load. The ingredients are known aphrodisiacs and have been added to the Volume Pills formula. The men who use Volume Pills report no adverse side effects and clinical tests prove the same.

There are a couple of minor side effects that sometimes occur and they are a slight headache and sometimes an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients included in the product.

Volume Pills also include nutrients and vitamins for better and stronger ejaculations. This type of uptick in health leads to more confidence in the bedroom and a more satisfying sex life. The ingredients encourage blood flow to the penis by opening the veins to carry more blood. Pulsing blood flow adds to pulsing and sustained erections.

Additional sperm adds to more satisfying sex and that equates to a better relationship. Men of any age can use Volume Pills with positive, effective results. Some men use Volume Pills as an extra energy boost before a physical connection occurs while others use the program to jump-start sluggish sexual performance. A lot of men who use the pills do so for the sperm volumizing and the benefits and effects it brings. Learn more at

Where To Buy

Volume Pills can be purchased online at the Volume Pills website and can be purchased with a major credit card.

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Pheromone Research is Expanding Tue, 13 Mar 2018 01:07:20 +0000 Austin Gosser Continue reading ]]> In this article, I will discuss pheromones and love. When in love, why is it that our affection often begins with kissing and later progresses to oral sex? Does our individual sexual identity spring only from social conditioning and genetic inclination? We believe all these things are influenced directly by pheromones or chemical messages that all of us are constantly exchanging with one another. This is done with or without our conscious awareness.

How We Understand Pheromones

We see pheromones to be part of our inheritance. They are beyond observations in insects and rutting dogs. Our view about their place in kissing, oral sex, homosexual, and heterosexual choice was not based on controlled studies. Instead, it was based on people’s experience with human pheromone cologne and perfumes. Learn more at Pheromone attraction is a principal force in the sexual attraction and sexual identity of humans. This means that odor as a constituent of our behavior is not incidental. Instead, it is essential to our continued survival and the quality of our lives.

How Pheromones Were Discovered

In 1959, Butenandt was the first to identify the importance of odor as a factor in animal sexual attraction. This occurred when he chemically isolated the odor of female moths that irresistibly attracts male moths. Karlson and Luscher named these chemical messages sexual attractants and called them pheromones. By definition, pheromones are species-specific chemical signals that govern behavior. There are now hundreds of such chemicals that have been clearly identified. They dramatically alter behavior in a specific fashion and are instrumental in social and sexual activity. Learn more at

Pheromone Research is Expanding

The knowledge about pheromones continues to grow. And their clinical use will increase and result in advances in the prevention and treatment of many health concerns. This includes aging and menopause, as well as revolutionize areas of medicine such as psychiatry. Continuing research and clinical and recreational use of pheromone-based products will increase. And this will help explain why our hormones and our behavior have such profound effects on one another. It’s mindful to be aware of flawed pheromone studies too.

The continuing debate surrounding pheromones will only prompt further research. And these findings might greatly benefit many people. Currently, there has been an emphasis on the use of pheromone-based products to enhance social confidence and sexual attractiveness.

Although we live in a socially progressive era, there are detractors that might question the use of such products. However, it is important to widen the scope of the impact of pheromone-based products. Beyond hearing, taste, touch, and vision, the awareness of pheromones through a process separate but related to olfaction, should not upset our religious values. Instead, it should reinforce them. Learn about the different types at


Stay tuned as we post more about the power of human pheromones and how you can mix them with your favorite cologne and perfume.

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Flawed Human Pheromone Studies Sun, 11 Mar 2018 18:59:09 +0000 Austin Gosser Continue reading ]]> Two studies suggested that pheromone cologne, whose ingredients we are not fully informed of, increases the sexual activity of both men and women when worn by the opposite gendered partner. In other words, you could wear these colognes to increase your chances of having sex.

However, the studies were small and their statistics have been shown to not actually demonstrate any increase in sexual activity. In short, these studies are crap. But if you need more convincing, one of the authors later started a company to sell pheromone colognes. I’m sure that is just a coincidence though…

Flawed Pheromone Studies

Other than the flawed studies mentioned above, there have been no published studies investigating pheromone colognes to the best of my knowledge. So we are left with what we can find on the internet. By far the most popular pheromone products are sold by a company called Androtics Direct. They show customers how to best use the pheromones they purchase. The forum is a treasure trove of information about how to wear pheromones and what to expect.

I have examined each of the effects pheromones are supposed to be responsible for. And it is clear that pheromones don’t exist. Or they have a small influence on human behavior/physiology in a real-world setting according to

Fake Pheromone Forums

The subtle effects that seem more commonly described are, well, subtle. Social interactions are always open to random influences and multiple interpretations. So, the subtle effects reported could have occurred by chance. Moreover, confirmation bias likely plays a role; people wearing pheromones notice the strange things that happen when they wear pheromones, but they don’t keep track of all the time they wear pheromones and nothing happens.

And finally, no one on the forums as far as I can tell has done a double-blind experiment in which they wore a cologne that smelled like a pheromone cologne and compared the results they got to their experience wearing a pheromone cologne. Learn more at

Finally, in a poll conducted on Pherotalk forum, 60.11% of people felt that pheromones worked, 3.69% of people felt that pheromones don’t work, and 36.20% of people were not sure. This means roughly 40% of people who post on the forum either do not know if pheromones work or believe they do not. Since people who experienced no effects when wearing pheromones are probably less likely to post online, 40% is likely an underestimate of the true number of unconvinced pheromone users. Because of these statistics and the problems with the reliability of the reports, Pherotalk forum does not present methodology. Learn more at

Putative Human Pheromones

The three main putative pheromones are androstenone, androstenol, and androstadienone. Each of these chemicals is found in male and female sweat as break down products of the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen. However, only 2 of the 3, androstenol and androstadienone have been investigated in the lab at the time of this writing. Make sure to check out my review of the top pheromones.

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Pherazone Pheromones Increase Attraction Sun, 04 Mar 2018 22:57:46 +0000 Austin Gosser Continue reading ]]> In this article, I share my review of Pherazone.

Is your sex life dull and uninteresting? Then it’s the right time for becoming aware of a product that would change your sex life. Every guy wants to be the center of attraction and would like to be surrounded by beautiful girls around him. This is quite a natural phenomenon and one cannot stop this feeling. They would try to do any act that would catch the attention of girls and this might be either through boasting up their attitude, showing stunts or posing such acts which would catch the attention of women. But the latest buzz on the internet is how to sexually attract a woman.

About Pherazone Pheromones

Various items are available to attract women closer. But the hottest thing happening now is the Pherazone for men. Yes, this small bottle has it all and hit a number of positive reviews about it. The fragrance is said to attract any women close to you just like a magnet.

Pherazone is said to contain the highest number of pheromones in a bottle. Not only the pheromones are the reason, but it is also equipped with some sensational blending in order to create a sensual fragrance.  The product is being uncompromisingly marketed and being a new company it has got its fame because of the attractiveness that it claims. It comes in a small bottle that is nice and portable. The content in each bottle is just 18ml and it claims that just one spray would have an effect for about 6 hours. Learn more at

How does this product work?

Being the most featured product in the media, pheromones are being used by millions of people to get an extra sexual arousal. People have improved their dates and have a happier sex life with the use of this product and most of the times they were the center of attraction. Human beings have pheromones that are naturally secreted in the body. But unfortunately, they have washed away while bathing or in using of antiperspirants etc.

A media report states that animals secrete these pheromones to attract their mate and a similar concept is used here. The company claims that they have the highest number of pheromones (three times the leading brands) in each bottle which is the major cause of attraction. There are synthesized and marketed to the consumers. This cologne is produced in an FDA approved laboratory and thus the quality and genuineness are ensured. These pheromones have been blended with the designer fragrances that tested on men and they have proven to get the desired results. Learn more at


The smell of the perfume is really undeniable. The fragrance is said to last for hours together and men with this perfume sprayed on are surely going to attract new dates and women. The smell of the perfume just drags anyone gets attracted to the opposite sex. Just a single spray of this perfume is enough for a long lasting sensual fragrance.


The cost of the perfume is much cheaper than any pheromone cologne on the market. They cost about $5 per mg of perfume. This is much cheaper than other famous competitive brands whose minimum price is about $6 per mg and the concentration of the pheromones is also lesser in other perfumes when compared with Pherazone. They come in 18mg attractive bottles and are easily portable anywhere.

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Get Pheromones To Attract To Women Sun, 04 Mar 2018 14:34:51 +0000 Austin Gosser Continue reading ]]> Are you looking for different ways to attract women? Well, there are several possibilities worth exploring. The first option would be to develop your “game.” This means learning the art of how to approach a woman, connect with her, and build enough interest to the point where she wants to see you again or date. That’s one way of attracting women. Another would be personal development.

You could interpret this any number of ways, such as upgrading your wardrobe and improving your personal appearance.  Or, instead of cutting your own hair, you could get a stylish haircut at the barber. If you’re also in the habit of hanging out with the guys, why not do other things such as joining a dance class or taking up yoga? The possibilities are manifold, and can easily make you more interesting.

By becoming more interesting, you only increase your attractiveness to women. But there is another idea to attract women that are gaining popularity: pheromones. Herein, we will take a look at pheromones to attract women.

What Are Pheromones?

Pheromones, if you’ll remember from your college or high school days in biology class, are those chemicals that trigger a certain psychological reaction in the opposite sex, altering their behavior. In other words, pheromones release a certain smell that causes male or female to respond. In the animal world, they are used for three primary purposes: to signal warning or danger of a predator, to signal a food trail, and last but not least, to induce sexual interest or signal an animal is ready to mate.

How We Release Pheromones

The release of these attractants is not limited to either one sex. Both sexes give them off. Actually, more females give off pheromones in the animal world than males. Now that you understand the nature of pheromones and how they work, let’s take a look at how they tie into humans. Many people really wonder if using them to attract women really work, especially men.

For one, men naturally have and give off an odor that contains pheromones. It may sound shocking, but the odor’s source is something you probably would never have guessed: the armpits! Now, this is not a ringing endorsement to bankrupt deodorant companies by not buying them anymore.

Should you do that, you would only be repelling women, not attracting them! So continue wearing your deodorant by all means. What’s interesting is that the odors emitted from a guy’s armpits do contain pheromones that trigger a reaction in women that on some subconscious level to attract them. Learn more at

What Research Shows

Swedish researchers in 2006 were able to provide evidence for this claim. In response, numerous products for men began to jump on these findings and include pheromones in their products. So it doesn’t hurt you at all to try them out to attract women are very natural. Be aware, however, that while pheromones to attract women may help you in some ways, it doesn’t close the deal with women. That depends on your personality which no chemical change. Learn more at

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All About Penis Pumps Sun, 04 Mar 2018 13:08:59 +0000 Austin Gosser Continue reading ]]> In this article, you will learn about Penis pumps.

How Do Penis Pumps Work?

The basic scientific principles on which penis pumps are built are simple enough. A lengthening and widening of the penis are achieved by increasing the volume of blood in the flaccid penis by means of a vacuum action. In this way, an erect penis is achieved. The penis is placed in a cylinder fitted with an airtight seal at its base, and a vacuum created by drawing out air using a hand or electric pump.

The effect of the vacuum is to subject the penis to pressure, which causes an increase in the amount of blood within the vessels of the penis. Some devices complete the process by providing a constriction ring so that the blood vessels remain closed and the penis remains hard after an erection is obtained. Learn more about penis pumps that work.

Permanent Gains In Penis Size?

If you’re reading this in search of permanent gains to your penis, a pump is not the way to go, since there’s no evidence to support such gains through the use of penis pumps. Go visit enlargement devices or exercise programs instead. If your interested in just length gains then consider a top-notch penis extender.

It’s important to remember that penis pumps were originally developed for use by men with erectile problems rather than those seeking permanent gains in erect state, and that in fact, all FDA (American Food & Drugs Administration) approved pumps are approved only for the purposes of treating erectile dysfunction, not penis enlargement as some companies would have you believe.

At present, the FDA in the United States distinguishes between two types of penis pumps – ones designated for “medical use” aimed at those who want to use pumps to facilitate erection because of previous problems and “novelty” pumps, which simply sex toys. The FDA only approves pumps for medical use – such devices must fulfill a range of stringent technical requirements, as well as providing instructions and certain precautionary information.

Benefits Obtained By Using Penis Pumps

  • A real alternative for men suffering from erectile dysfunction for whom penile implants, Caverninject (drugs injected directly into the penis base) or Viagra are not viable options.
  • Erections are achieved relatively quickly – typically 2-3 minutes and last for up to 30 minutes.
  • High success rate.
  • Because the pressure of the vacuum temporarily reduces penile sensitivity, men suffering from premature ejaculation may find that ejaculation is delayed.
  • You may be able to charge the cost of your FDA-approved penis pump to your health insurance if you suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Problems Associated With Penis Pumps

  • Some might find it emotionally difficult/embarrassing to use a pump in order to obtain an erection.
  • When abused/misused, pumps can cause minor injuries such as blisters and skin discoloration as well as more severe problems caused by the rupture of larger blood vessels. Trouble is, the potential for misuse is pretty high – there’s always the temptation to pump ” a bit longer to get a bit harder”.
  • There is evidence to suggest that regular over-pumping results in fewer erections, which when they do arrive, are softer than normal and difficult to maintain for any length of time.
  • The quality of cheaper, novelty pumps is unregulated. Some are unable to maintain their vacuum, others may shatter under the pressure of the vacuum, potentially causing injury.
  • While the erection results obtained by use of pumps increase over time, any gains made in penis length and girth are of a temporary nature, disappearing if the use of the pump stops.

You should consult a doctor before using a penis pump if you suffer from any of the following;

  • history of priapism
  • bleeding disorders
  • sickle cell anemia
  • leukemia,
  • spinal cord tumor
  • penile tumor or some penile injuries.
  • need to use blood thinning medications.

Choosing A Pump

With the potential for injury being as high as it is with use of these devices, we think it vital that any pump purchased be one that has undergone tests for safety. In the U.S, this will mean that it should be FDA approved; in the EEC countries, it should have received a CE mark. Don’t consider purchasing unless you’re satisfied that the pump meets one of these standards, or alternatively, those of your own country. Learn more at

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How VigRx Plus Works For Men Sun, 04 Mar 2018 04:05:11 +0000 Austin Gosser Continue reading ]]> Have you been looking around for VigRx plus review that actually tells it like it is? It seems like honest reviews are hard to come by, which is why I wanted to take just a few minutes and explain my findings and experience with this popular male health supplement. Now I’m going to get into more details on ingredients and what you really expect towards the end of this article so keep reading. Now, the ugly truth is that VigRx Plus plus may not give instant and permanent results, which is something that 99 percent of the so-called VigRx plus reviews out there will never tell you.

And if you find a review that tells you where you can get a magic pill to instantly increase your length and girth, then do yourself a favor. Don’t buy whatever they’re trying to sell because that claim is total BS. The truth is this… Vigrx Plus is an all-natural supplement that is designed to increase your sexual stamina and virility. And it also boosts your sex drive. It’s been around for over 10 years and it’s doctor recommended.


VigRX Plus redefines male sexual stamina and performance with the most popular doctor recommended formula available without a prescription. VigRX is 100% safe and free from side effects. Send your partner to new heights. It works immediately to improve stamina and performance with your first dose, however, over time, VigRX will restore prime sexual health leading to optimal performance even when you stop taking it. Learn more at

Maximize Your Size

VigRX can maximize penis size and produce longer, harder erections. Key ingredients help restore and maintain a healthy libido, improve overall immunity, stimulate growth and increase sexual stamina (staying power).


It won’t give you instant results in size, it can provide a fast-acting solution to increasing your blood flow, which will allow for more thicker and fuller erections. In fact, there are dozens of handwritten testimonials from real users who have experienced positive results. This includes overcoming issues with erectile dysfunction and noticing a measurable difference in length and size. Now, it’s really best to take these supplements exactly how they recommend on the label as I’ll explain later and give it time for the Vigrx Plus plus results to set in.

Clinical Study

Now, what I like most after reviewing VigRX is that clinical study that was conducted. That was an impressive triple blind placebo controlled study to ensure the results were as accurate as possible. In that study, 75 males were surveyed for eighty-four days.

Among this group, there was a 60 percent increase in partner satisfaction, 63 percent increase in the ability to control their erections and 71 percent increase in sexual satisfaction. The clinical study also reported harder, longer lasting erections, better control over erections, more frequent, and more intense orgasms.


It’s also worth noting the ingredients. It includes 100 percent natural ingredients and no negative side effects have been reported. The first thing I was impressed with is that there’s no Yohimbe used in this supplement, which is a very common ingredient found in many male enhancement supplements. Now, this can often cause headaches, so it’s nice to see that it’s not included.

The main ingredients include Korean Red Ginseng and Saw Palmetto used in prostate health products for a long time. Damiana Leaf which is used in prevention and treatment of sexual problems can be a great aphrodisiac. Ginkgo Biloba increases circulation and brings more blood flow to the penis. Bioprene is used to accelerate absorption of ingredients along with several other ingredients. Learn more at


Each box includes 60 tablets with the suggested serving of two tablets per day. It is recommended to take two tablets a day with meals. And not to exceed four tablets in a 24 hour period. Now, many men have reported a noticeable difference within the first couple of days. However, I plan on giving it a week or two before expecting a big difference. Now when you combine Vigrx Plus with exercises like jelqing, you can make some pretty significant increases in size and stamina.


The price is around 77 bucks a box. If you buy it individually, now you can purchase a six month supply to bring the cost down or even a one year package to get the most savings. The biggest package is roughly $41 per box and includes free shipping in the US along with additional bonus gifts. It also comes with a 67-day money back guarantee.  You can always get a refund if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

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Volume Pills and Ejaculation Power Sun, 04 Mar 2018 02:27:00 +0000 Austin Gosser Continue reading ]]> In this article, I discuss men’s concerns with sexual potency and Volume Pills, the groundbreaking product that’s providing the boost they’ve been searching for. Frankly, I thought men’s sexual issues had to do with their size and erectile function.

Why are men concerned about the volume and potency of their ejaculations? Many men feel inadequate because they believe the amount of power of their ejaculation is small. They’re concerned it reflects poorly on the virility. The other reason is with lesser volume, they experienced weaker and shorter climaxes. Many of my female patients have told me that they enjoy sex more when their partner has the ability to produce larger amounts of ejaculate.

Why Volume Pills Work

Many of my female patients have told me that they enjoy sex more when their partner has the ability to produce larger amounts of ejaculate. Knowing a sexual partner can produce a large quantity of semen can be sexually stimulating as this triggers a woman’s subconscious desire to pick a fertile male. And bigger, longer lasting ejaculations boost men’s feeling of sexual potency physically and psychologically with more volume according to

Mre contractions during orgasm make sex more fulfilling for both the men and their partners.

My Volume Pills Results

Obviously, the difference was dramatic. I have longer, stronger orgasms than before and there’s a lot more to my climax. I have had an even greater sexual experience with Volume Pills. I ejaculate longer, I ejaculate more intensely, and there’s more ejaculation as well. About three times as much. The moment I ejaculate is something that I look forward to all that much better, thanks to Volume Pills.

How does Volume Pills Help?

Volume Pills contains ingredients essential for the promotion of physical and sexual well-being. I’m excited to tell you these ingredients have been used through the ages to induce heightened sexual desire, sexual stamina, and increased ejaculate.

The inclusion of Musli and Reishi mushroom are good examples. Musli has traditionally been used to promote sexual well being and desire in India. The Reishi mushroom elevates the mood of the user, increasing sexual desire for sexual intercourse. There also ingredients like zinc commonly thought to help increase sperm count and mobility to aid men looking to boost their fertility. As a result of receiving such benefits, self-confidence can rise dramatically.

How quickly can men start seeing a difference?

My patients have reported experiencing longer more intense orgasms with bigger, more impressive ejaculations. They also have started to feel an overall improved sexual function and response. And overall improvement in sexual fitness and function increases confidence and sexual desire.

Many men also report harder erections with continued use, which I imagine has to affect the way their partner feels. Volume pills not only amplifies and man sexuality and also inspires and stimulates his partner to satisfy those urges as well. In fact, Volume pills seem like a great way to take sex to the next level for any man wanting to have better sex. Learn more at


I recommend volume pills to anyone who desires heightened sexual arousal, more powerful orgasms, and improved sexual relations. The results have been very positive. If you’re not interested in Volume Pills, a good alternative is Semenax.

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Is X4 Labs Extender a Scam? Sat, 03 Mar 2018 21:35:45 +0000 Austin Gosser Continue reading ]]> X4 Labs penis extender is one of the top products sold today. X4 extenders offer their customers the best quality possible and safety.

First, they offer their 4 in 1 penis extender system. This option is available on all their extenders and they call it “quad support system”. By this, no matter how small or big your penis is, it’ll still fit you.

This system is developed for men who possess micro-penises for them to still be able to use the extender, for there are the ones who need this more anyway. This also solves the problems of other penis extenders such as slippage and irritation.

So because of these, X4 Labs extender provides a better way to fix your problems with your penis for the system helps improve penis faster and more efficient than other cheap quality products. Learn more at

X4 Labs Scam or Not?

There are things to consider in choosing the right penis extender for you because there are a lot of products out there that’ll scam you or just offer such low quality and durability. These are penis extenders that are cheaply made and sold without being tested or examined by doctors.

X4 labs extender is not just of great quality but also is a doctor recommended product. They are prescribed by doctors around the world as an alternative to penis enlargement for people who don’t want surgery.

They are also CE approved as a class 1 medical device. Only top penis enlarger such as x4 labs had undergone quality standards and is trusted in the medical world. So if your question is “is it a scam?” well the answer is definitely not. Learn more at

Pros and Cons of X4 Extender

Here are the good and bad aspects.


  • You can use it daily and regularly without troubles.
  • The device is not as expensive due to flexible pricing policy.
  • It will improve the size of your penis in just 2 – 6 months of using.


  • Can’t be used outside without using loose pants.
  • Is not good to use while sleeping on your penis might get tangled in the extender while you constantly change positions while sleeping.

X4 Labs Results – Before and After

By applying a little amount of stress to the body of your penis, the X4 Labs penis extender can permanently increase the size of your penis successfully. Below is a testimony of one satisfied customer. “I was skeptical at first, doubting if it would work or not. But one of my buddies told me that it actually works and told me to try it myself.

So what I did is, I bought the whole system just for an experiment and told my friend that he’d owe me the money I’ve spent for the extender if it won’t work, and he agreed. I was stunned that he agreed immediately, which means this does really work for him. Check out our frequent penis extender questions and answers.

So I have used it regularly and followed the simple instructions of x4 labs. After 2 months of using it, I tried measuring my penis and was happy that the length improves from 5 inches to 6 inches. I continued using it and after 6 months my penis grew from 6 – 7 inches. It is really great and I will definitely recommend this to everyone who has the same problem.”

Where To Buy X4 Labs Extender

X4 Labs extender is currently one of the top trusted and effective penis extenders available now, it’s sold online only from the official site. There are several editions of X4 presented on the official site:

  • Starter
  • Deluxe (most popular)
  • Peyronies
  • Gold (maximum gains)
  • Premium Gold

In our opinion, Deluxe edition servers the needs of the ordinary man, while it’s pretty affordable for most of us. Gold and Premium Gold editions give higher tension force which can enlarge penis length up to 3 extra inches, while starter edition only provides an enlargement of 1-1.5 inches maximum.

So you can pick the package that suits your needs, and not overpay for the options that you don’t need. If you live in Canada, USA or UK – you’re getting your X4 Labs with FREE shipping.

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