Jes Extender Review: Good and Bad

Jes Extender

In 1995, the first medical penis enlargement device was invented by Jes Muller. Since then, over 500 thousand men have used Jes Extender to About Jes Extenderincrease penis size. The popularity of Jes Extender speaks for itself: having a bigger penis can change your life. With a solid double money-back guarantee, you can be sure that you are going to get results with Jes Extender!

About Penis Traction

To increase penis size with Jes Extender, you just put your penis into the device. The device will put a slight traction force on your penis. This clinically-proven technique works much like weight lifting to increase the length and girth of your penis. The traction force will cause cells to stretch apart.

Then, your body will respond by filling in these gaps with new cell growth. You won’t be able to notice the gains right away but, rest assured, Jes Extender is working! On average, men experience gains of 1.9 mm per week. On average, men experienced gains of 28% of their original length and 19% of their original girth!

All men can easily and safely use Jes Extender. It has further been recommended by doctors and urologist as a natural way of straightening curved penis syndrome (Peyronie’s disease). Jes Extender has repeatedly been tested for its effectiveness and now even the leading medical journals support findings that penis extension works! You don’t need these scientific researchers to tell you that Jes Extender works through – the results will speak for themselves!

How It Works

Jes Extender works by causing new cell growth in your body. In young, healthy men, there won’t be much of a difference between these new cells and the older cells. However, older and unhealthy men often have damaged, weak cells in their penises. These cells are not capable of holding large amounts of blood. This is why our erections get weaker and smaller as we age. Further, most men experience weaker blood circulation as they age. This can make affect the penis and make erections become weak.

When you use Jes Extender, you will be forcing your body to produce younger, healthier cells. Over a period of approximately 6 months, your penis will actually contain nearly 50% more cells than before. These new cells will be able to hold more blood than the previously existing cells so your erections get harder than ever.

Every time you wear Jes Extender, you are causing an increase of blood circulation directly to your penis and genital area. Blood flow is not only important for healthy erections, but also for keeping your cells healthy. The increased blood flow means your penis is getting more nutrients and oxygen. For younger men, this means that you are less likely to get erectile dysfunction in the near future.

When you use Jes Extender for penis enlargement, you do not have to worry about it negatively affecting your erections. Rather, you can experience better, firmer erections and keep your penis healthy for the future.


What benefits do Jes Extenders provide to users? There are several ways Jes extenders are an inspired choice for effective male enhancement, but perhaps its biggest ringing endorsement of all is that doctors recommend them as safe. In fact, worldwide there have been over 250,000 units sold. But what sets them apart in gaining a longer libido?

Another benefit of these extenders is that it is a one-off purchase, meaning no additional payments need to be made. Things like penis pills and drinks are an endless pit of money, constantly needing more to retain any results. Extenders are a solid investment because there are no side effects, no doctor visits, and no continual payments in the scheme of things.

Jes Extender has now been on the market over 16 years. In this time, it has constantly updated according to research and customer feedback. The new Jes Extender design is optimized for your comfort. You won’t even notice that you are wearing the ultra-comfortable Jes Extender. It can even be worn underneath loose trousers and many men can wear it while sleeping according to


There are a lot of cheap, copycat penis extenders on the market – but you shouldn’t risk your health by using one of these. With Jes Extender, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible quality and effectiveness. As a Class 1 Medical product with the European CE mark, Jes Extender meets the rigid requirements for medical products. Enjoy all the benefits of a medical grade penis extender when you choose Jes to get a bigger penis and better sexual life! Learn more at

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