Hypnotherapy Certification from American Hypnosis Wellness Institute


Welcome to the American Wellness Hypnosis Institute certification course. The AMHW is one of the largest and most respected hypnosis associations worldwide. This detailed certification course gives you all the knowledge and hands-on experience to begin a new career in the art and science of healing with hypnosis. We teach from the perspective that you have had no previous hypnosis knowledge or experience. Many first time students ask themselves if it is even possible for me to learn how to hypnotize properly and then move on to even make a living or add extra income in this fascinating and mysterious field of healing. Absolutely you can!

Hypnotherapy Certification From Experts

Hypnosis is a skill that must be learned, your certified AMHW Instructor is one of the world’s most sought-after experts on hypnosis and healing the mind-body systems from the subconscious out. Jeff has been a professional hypnotist for over 20 years and has been teaching the AMHW program since 2004. We spend a lot of time on hypnosis concepts and the how and why hypnosis is so effective in the areas of Stress management, Smoking, Weight Loss, fears & phobias, self-confidence and pain management. Learn more at http://americanhypnosiswellnessinstitute.com

After you learn in detail how to hypnotize and apply your skills into the clinical applications of motivating your clients forward to the success of mind body and spirit, then we will teach you how to market to clients, fees to charge and most importantly, excite yourself for success.

Near the end of the course, there is a take-home hypnosis exam based on what you learned over the duration of the training (Don’t worry you’ll do fine) and you are given your AHWI certificate on the last day of the program. Your hypnosis designation will be either “Certified Consulting Hypnotist” or “Certified Hypnotherapist” (if you’re a certified health practitioner)

One-on-One Hypnotherapy Training

I’m always available to post course to further assist you to maintain and grow your business. There are a lot of instructors on the world wide web making it tough to decide who will be your hypnosis mentor, as this is a serious investment both mentally and financially. Unfortunately, some people call us just looking for a certificate to hang on their wall and a cheap course not really caring about getting anything out of the program, obviously setting themselves up for failure and not the type of student was looking for.

If your really interested in detailed in-depth knowledge, content, years of clinical and group experience , passionate teaching beyond the textbooks then we are the right fit. If your ready to seriously invest in your fishery your willing to partner with me on this journey, I’ll give you the tools of success to take your dream into reality!!!

What You Will Learn

• Advance test for suggestibility / hypnotizability
• How to classify subjects for inductions
• Understand what Influences trance and depth
• Advanced inductions and rapport
• Hypnosis in-depth theory and history
• Develop unconscious rapport with clients
• The Art of hypnotizing, deepening and testing trance depth
• How to develop “post-hypnotic suggestions”
• 3 step Self-hypnosis for persistence
• How to program persistence of success
• Applications of hypnosis areas of intervention
• Powerful inductions for different personality types
• How to decide which inductions to use
• How to conduct sessions 1,2,3,4 with a client
• Behavioral Assessment / Setting Client Goals
• Eliminate fears and phobias through systematic desensitization
• Design and teach a group self-hypnosis and stress workshops
• Work with the laws of attraction
• Exciting Peak Performance in work and home
• Marketing your business and fees, office setup
• Legal considerations business map


As you can see, hypnotherapy can be applied to almost any issue that is controlled by the subconscious mind – whether it is something that we want to let go of or something that we want to enhance. The list is nearly endless, along with the clientele. It’s all about empowering your clients.


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