BathMate Penis Pump Review


Getting a bigger penis is easy with Bathmate!  This enhancement device has been designed to make sure that penis enlargement is painless, quick, convenient, and even pleasurable.  Here is how it all works.

Putting On Bathmate

If you are using Bathmate in the bathtub, then you will first want to fill the device with water.  Then, put your penis inside Bathmate while it is under water. Push the pump against your pubic area a few times.  You will see some of the extra water coming out of the top of Bathmate and also feel the pressure building up inside the device. Keep pumping until no more water is coming out of the top of the device, usually about 4 pumps.

Once you have pumped until no more water leaves, you can just sit back and relax with the device on.  After about 4 or 5 minutes, you can pump it again.  Some more water may come out because the suction device has made your penis get larger, thus leaving less room for water.   You can wear Bathmate for as long as is comfortable or convenient.  For optimal results, use it at least 3 times weekly for about 15 minutes each time.

How it Helps

When your penis is in Bathmate, the water creates a uniform pressure around the entire length and girth of your penis.  This pressure causes blood to get sucked into the penis cavities so all your penile tissue gets swollen with blood. Immediately, you will be able to get larger, firmer and long-lasting erections which is why it’s great for men with ED.

Bathmate will not give you a permanently larger penis immediately but it will benefit you over time.  All of that extra blood which Bathmate sucks into your penis is exercising your penis cells.  It helps them get used to holding more blood, pushing them outwards and improving cell flexibility.  Each time you “exercise” your penis cells with Bathmate, they will be able to hold more blood.

After using it regularly for about 6 weeks, men will be able to notice that their erections are larger – even when they haven’t used it. Learn more at

Getting the Most Out of Bathmate

Bathmate helps you get a bigger penis in two ways, both as a result of the extra blood which draws into your penis.  Firstly, Bathmate will help you get larger erections because it keeps your penis cells strong and flexible so they can hold more blood during the erection.  Secondly, it helps you get permanent penis enlargement (flaccid and erect state) because the extra blood engorges your penis.  Your penis will become so full of blood that tiny micro tears will occur in the tissues.  In the same way that your muscles get bigger from lifting weight, your body will fill in these tears so you gradually get a longer and thicker penis.

Regardless of your health, you should be able to experience quick, noticeable results from Bathmate.  Most men will be able to gain about 1-3 inches of their length and 30% of their original width.  However, these results do vary per person.  If you want to get the best results from it, you must have good circulation and healthy cells.

How It Works

Blood circulation is key to how this penis pump works.  So, to get more benefits, you will want to improve your circulation.  There are many ways to get better circulation.  The best method is to start exercising.  When you exercise, your heart pumps faster and more blood reaches all areas of your body, bringing oxygen and nutrients to your organs – including your penis. You can also boost your circulation by eating a heart-healthy diet rich in dark greens and purple/blue fruits like pomegranate or blueberries. If you can’t stick to a healthy diet, then consider taking a supplement while using it.  You will not only see faster, better results from Bathmate, but your erections will be stronger and your overall health better. Learn about penis pumps.

To speed up permanent penis enlargement with Bathmate, you will want to make sure that your cells are healthy and can replicate quickly.  Part of this has to do with good circulation since blood flow brings nutrients to your cells.  But, if you aren’t getting enough nutrients, then no amount of blood flow is going to help your cells replicate faster.  Make sure that you are getting enough amino acids and your essential vitamins and minerals. While these supplements won’t help you get a larger penis, they can help you get much better results when you use Bit.

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