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As a credit debt settlement law firm, we’re better able to negotiate your debts, provide you with your options, and fight for you against debt collection experts. This law firm started a debt settlement practice area because we understand that some people want to resolve their debts without the need for filing bankruptcy, and without having to work with often-disreputable non-attorney debt settlement companies.

What we developed an honest, results-driven consumer debt settlement program that listens to its clients and helps get their finances back to Square One. Hiring this firm sends a message to debt collectors: I know my rights, and I have an attorney to fight for me. Learn more at http://bnkut.com

Debt Settlement Program

As a credit debt relief law firm, we’re better able to negotiate your debts, provide you with your options, and fight for you against debt collection experts. Non-Attorney debt settlement companies are flawed, and individuals should be wary of relying on these non-attorney settlement agencies. Benefits of our program include:

1. Stop Harassing Calls/Hold Debt Collectors Accountable: The FDCPA makes it illegal for debt collectors to continue collection efforts once an individual has retained an attorney. This prohibition does not extend to non-attorney settlement companies. Further, as an attorney that has experience in the FDCPA, I’ll inform you of your rights, and if those rights are violated enforce your rights by holding debt collectors accountable and recover money damages for their unfair, abusive collections.

2. Price: Our fees depend on saving you significant money by reducing your debt. The money you save towards repayment does not go first into my pocket, but rather accumulates until we can settle a debt. Typically, non-attorney settlement companies’ fees are based upon your total amount of debt- not the amount of money you save- and charge large fees, often up-front, from the first monies you pay them.

3. Knowledgeable Game Plan: How can individuals know which debt strategies to adopt without knowing which options are out there? Simply, they can’t. As an attorney, I will provide you information with respect to any credit debt lawsuits, any illegal collection methods used by debt collectors, and on the possible benefits of bankruptcy. Non-attorney settlement companies only offer help negotiating a debt.

4. Collection Lawsuit Defense: As a credit debt relief attorney, I have the experience not only to negotiate out a settlement for my clients, but I also defend them in court if necessary. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Debt collectors hire their experts to sue you, shouldn’t you hire an attorney to defend you?

5. Results: As a debt settlement law firm, I will negotiate out a settlement, require documentation supporting that settlement, inform you of your obligations and benefits in the settlement, and enforce that settlement, in court if necessary. And, unlike the typical non-attorney debt settlement company, because our fees are based upon your significant debt reduction, I’ll fight to provide you with real, significant reduction of debt.


Many creditors simply will not deal with non-attorney settlement companies, leaving individuals back on their own to stop the calls, and negotiate a debt settlement. We are able to evaluate clients individually and develop and implement creative solutions to advance and protect their interests. Please call me today,(801) 432-8682, I would appreciate the chance to work with you. You may also contact me online.

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