How To Use A Penis Extender

how to use a penis extender

Penis Extender review: this thing called penis extender is a device, a small one, that you use it when your penis is in non-erect state. You can wear it under clothes whenever is possible because it is not visible and will not affect your day to day activity.

The penis extender is a device that stretches your penis, forcing it t grow. It’s like a bodybuilder lift weights to grow his muscles. Using a penis extender you can increase the penis in length and girth. Get your penis in a semi-erect state and without being wet, it should be dry. Put your penis inside the ring of the device. Measure where your penis gets to know what kind of spare parts you should use. After this put your penis inside the strap comfort pad and apply a tension to your penis extender by rotating both wheels.

You should not overstretch your penis, also if the head turns blue, loosen up the comfort strap. You should wear the device and feel comfortable, not harm yourself.

Penis Extender – how much time to wear

To achieve your goal, you should wear the penis extender five to eight hours a day. Most men cannot wear the device during the day because of their social activities. You can use it fewer hours a day but the results will take a little bit longer to be seen. The best method is to wear it 2 hours and take 15 minutes pause, for a total time of eight hours per day. Learn more at

You could see astonishing results even if you wear it for lesser time. The results differ from guy to guy.

If you touched your goal, you can stop without worries because your penis will remain with the length and girth. One gets used to a penis extender, most guys choose to wear it for entire life. It is very important your penis extender have a comfort strap so you will not suffer penis because of it. When you wear it ensure that the comfort strap is not too tight or your penis will suffer.

The penis head might turn blue, that’s a sign of too tight. If you are a newbie you should wear maximum 2 hours a day first month. You can use a penis extender while you sleep, but the penis extender can slip off your penis during the night and you can suffer accidental injury, so it’s better to wear it during the day. Take one day a week pause so your penis can heal. To maximize your gains and also speed-up the process you should quit smoking take some vitamins or some penis enlargement pills. Remember penis is a muscle, like any other muscle in the body. Enjoy your penis extender! Check out our penis extender FAQ.

Penis Extender History

Penis extender might me the most natural method to enlarge the penis, but the principle is not new. The invention of penis extender is pretty new on the market but the idea of penis extending has been studied for thousands of years. In some African cultures they use weights to enlarge lips, ears and why not a penis. Many tribal cultures chased the penis enlargement in one way or another. Penis extender is the natural way for penis enlargement.

Polynesian males were stretching their penile sing a woven sleeve made of a plant fiber and hung a rock. Also, archeological images have been released showing people with big penises. The famous technique called jelqing is a derivation from Arab culture penis enlargement technique. Penis extender is the natural way for penis enlargement.

Many experts today sustain that penis exercises combined with penis extender and penis enlargement pills are the best recipe for a fast guaranteed method to enlarge your penis. Penis extender is the natural way for penis enlargement.

In Africa, a lot of tribes used to stretch ears and lips, because of their culture. Some women in Mursi tribe from Omo Valley, Ethiopia wear some lip disks. The disk size shows the woman’s sexual maturity and social status. Penis extender is the natural way for penis enlargement.

In India where Kama Sutra was written, a lot of men used to jelqing and still do. As you see this going on for centuries. It’s not new the idea of penis enlargement. If you want a bigger penis you should order one to day and start enlarging your penis. As I said before you would be amazed what women do for breast enlargement.


Penis extender is the natural way for penis enlargement. We recommend Sizegenetics system because it contains pills and exercises and 16 ways for comfort. Check the reviews on our website. You won’t regret it.

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