Do Pheromones Really Work in Humans?


What are pheromones? Basically, they are chemicals that make everything in the animal world want to have sex. But does this mean if I put some of this stuff on, every woman in the nightclub will want to drop their panties for me? Well, in the name of science, I was willing to take a chance.

In the past, I’ve heard others talk about pheromones, but I really didn’t know what they were. I thought they had something to do with using different smells to get women into bed. Then my friend Gina suggested that I wear a pheromone perfume called Eye of Love. We wanted to see for ourselves if it actually worked.

What Are Pheromones

So, what is a pheromone? I wanted to research pheromones before starting this little experiment. I learned that a pheromone is an ectohormone chemical, which means it affects the way others around you behave. This isn’t the same as a hormone that changes things inside of your body physically or physiologically. Learn more about what they do at

Basically, people use pheromones to get others around them to find them sexually attractive. To show you how they work, let’s take the word of Noam Sobel. He is a neurobiologist at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. He produced a study that proved how men behaved sexually and how their testosterone levels went down when women’s tears were put beneath their noses. This meant they had no chance in hell of getting these women to drop their panties. This sounds about right. Doesn’t it?

Well, according to the cologne company, they have a formula that makes the opposite sex see you as a romantic. It supposedly has the power to make women extremely attracted to you. Per this company’s website, it is designed to get women of all ages to respond to you sexually. It doesn’t matter if you are at a nightclub or in a quiet business office. So, I’m hooked and ready to see if it works for me.

My friend had already tried this perfume. She says she attracted a lot of people at the neighborhood bar. She says that even the cab driver tried to hit on her. But she is pretty, and this was a common occurrence. To me, this really didn’t prove a thing. I wanted to see if this stuff worked for me too. I learned about pheromones at

When I opened the bottle of pheromone cologne, I immediately liked the fragrance. Even if it didn’t make every woman in the room run towards me, I knew that I didn’t smell like a loser.

Field Testing: Trial and Error

I went to the local bar to see if this pheromone stuff really worked. Since it had such a wonderful smell, I assumed women would automatically flock to me. After entering the bar, I noticed that I was a lot more sociable than normal. I talked to many people at the bar. But then again, I was drinking a lot too. Was it the alcohol or the new confidence that made the change? I need to do more research to answer that question.

I really couldn’t discount the placebo effect. Could it be that the pheromone cologne made me more confident? Is this why more women were interested in me? Or maybe it was because of the cologne’s great scent. But then again, I could be a wonderful guy that women like. I don’t know what really happened. But I do know that I’m using every drop of this pheromone cologne.

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