SizeGenetics Penis Extender Review


In this article, I review SizeGenetics. There is nothing like a large penis whether you are a man or a woman. It means gratification to you all the same. Just imagine the Big Ben you could be looking at if you are a woman and think of the joy you would be pumping into yourself and your partner while you push your enlarged penis into your partner’s mouth or vagina.

The ecstasy thrills men and women equally, both want to capture the moment in time for eternity. Both want to make it a memorable moment, something they would remember for the rest of their lives. It seems to be something out of fiction, but could this be true?

Is It A Scam?

The first question that comes to the mind is whether all this is a fluke. It seems too good to be true. Something seems to be wrong. It actually boasts of being able to do what you could not do in your entire life. But it has been clinically tested to be safe and sound. It does make you feel good and makes your penis a long cock.

Moreover, it does not render any ugly side-effects. There is nothing but the final results in the form of a prolonged extended penis that is going to pump in joy and fun into your life. Joy would surely be pumped into your life as you pump in cum into her vagina, and you would not be the first person to disprove any scams concerning SizeGenetics. It has been tried on by hundreds and thousands of people before you, and all have given an affirmative and positive feedback. They have been recorded in the form of testimonials and reviews on the official website.

Where to buy?

The internet offers a huge market for potential buyers. There are hundreds and thousands of websites offering health products at all kinds of prices.There are portals that could fool you, and you could end up without getting the device despite paying the full price. In view of all such frauds, the official website would be the best place for placing orders. Orders are shipped the same day or within 24 hours.


For those wary of trying out SizeGenetics because of its cost, there are discounts in the offing. You could get discounts through Promo Codes on the official website. All the matter boils down to the effect that you get to have an erect and taut penis for a long time ensuring a longer lasting fun. And this is what SizeGenetics ensures. Learn more at

Try It For Four Months

If you are not satisfied with the results at the end of four months, you could claim all your money back, and no awkward questions would be asked. We are dead sure of the satisfaction it would eventually lead to for it is made with nothing but the best material.

This is in view of the increasing demand in the market for such products that could enhance male virility, and there is a subsequent boost in the market corresponding to the demand. As a compliment, there is the guarantee that if any part of the device is found to be defective within 6 months of purchase, it will be replaced free of charge. There is a clause that requires the user to use SizeGenetics for at least 120 consecutive days. Positive results manifest themselves only after four months of continued use. This would also mean that users must not choose between SizeGenetics™ device and PenisHealth™ exercises. They would have to subscribe to both for maximum results.

What you get with SizeGenetics

To make every buy a steal, every time an order is placed for SizeGenetics, you also get

• SizeGenetics Medical Type 1 Device
• 16 Way Comfort Tech System
• SizeGenetics Luxury Leather case
• SizeGenetics Travel Case
• Penis Health Exercise DVD & Online Access
• Revita Cream Aftercare Moisturizer
• Traction Plus Powder
• Sexual Improvement DVDs
• Instructional DVD
• Seduction & Fitness E-books

Are There Any Side-Effects?

The simple answer would be no. The device relies on traction to deliver what it promises to. This way, it makes the tissues of the penis grow longer and longer leading to a longer penis. There has been a new definition of satisfaction and comfort in the world since the advent of SizeGenetics. The 16-way Ultimate Comfort System makes SizeGenetics deliver on its promises without any discomfort as it offers 16 different ways to use the device. Check out my Full SizeGenetics Penis Extender Review.

The comfort is enhanced as one realizes that the strap binds itself comfortably around the penis, ensuring the least of pressure on the organ. This way, SizeGenetics scores a point above its counterparts in the market by not putting a check on the flow of blood through the penis.

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