X4 Labs Extender Quick Review

X4 Labs

So you’ve decided you want a larger penis, but how? There are so many different products that claim to give you results. How do you know which one works? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Millions of other men have chosen a penis extension device from X4 Labs because they are the most effective and offer permanent results. X4 Labs is a clinically tested penis extender that is doctor approved so you can be confident it will be pain-free and effective. Learn more at http://baids.org

How X4 labs Works

It’s simple to use and works on the proven science that has been used across the world for centuries. As your penis is restretched, it gently breaks down cells which multiple adding length and girth. Their six-month money back guarantee and fast and discreet delivery service will help you see results immediately.

They even have a dedicated after sales support team on the phone or online to help you get started. Why not order the most customizable penis extender on the market today and get the penis size that you want? Comfort stretch technology and an incredible floor in 58 – way Quad Support System ensures that you’ll have the perfect fit, no matter what your size or shape. You get guaranteed results in gains of up to 35 percent on your penis size so that you can be confident when you need to be.


The X4 Labs device comes pre-assembled. It is comprised of three major components, the base assembly, the tension bars, which apply the attraction for us, and the hybrid support piece, which fastens the device to the penis. The X4 Labs device has an adjustable ergonomic design for maximum comfort with adjustable tension bars.

Adding Tension Bars

Remove the support piece by pulling gently. Screw in the tension bars clockwise. Put the support piece back on, making sure it is on tight.

How To Put On The X4 Labs Device With a Comfort Strap

Make sure the tension bars are adjusted to the correct length of your penis. Slide the device over your penis with a support piece on the underside, making sure it fits comfortably around the base. The comfort strap uses one short piece of space-age foam padding so your penis skin is protected. Stretch the padding out with your fingers and slide the foam padding onto the penis just below the head. This will help you get a nice fit. Make sure the comfort strap curves away from the penis head. 

Next, thread the comfort strap through the support piece. Then guide your penis through the conference strap gently. Compress the device with one hand and tighten the strap with the other. With the X4 Labs, you can’t go wrong. Within 6 months your penis will be up to one inch longer and thicker. This is the most foolproof way to get a bigger penis. Learn more at http://markalexander.over-blog.com

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