Pheromone Research is Expanding

Pheromone Chemistry

In this article, I will discuss pheromones and love. When in love, why is it that our affection often begins with kissing and later progresses to oral sex? Does our individual sexual identity spring only from social conditioning and genetic inclination? We believe all these things are influenced directly by pheromones or chemical messages that all of us are constantly exchanging with one another. This is done with or without our conscious awareness.

How We Understand Pheromones

We see pheromones to be part of our inheritance. They are beyond observations in insects and rutting dogs. Our view about their place in kissing, oral sex, homosexual, and heterosexual choice was not based on controlled studies. Instead, it was based on people’s experience with human pheromone cologne and perfumes. Learn more at Pheromone attraction is a principal force in the sexual attraction and sexual identity of humans. This means that odor as a constituent of our behavior is not incidental. Instead, it is essential to our continued survival and the quality of our lives.

How Pheromones Were Discovered

In 1959, Butenandt was the first to identify the importance of odor as a factor in animal sexual attraction. This occurred when he chemically isolated the odor of female moths that irresistibly attracts male moths. Karlson and Luscher named these chemical messages sexual attractants and called them pheromones. By definition, pheromones are species-specific chemical signals that govern behavior. There are now hundreds of such chemicals that have been clearly identified. They dramatically alter behavior in a specific fashion and are instrumental in social and sexual activity. Learn more at

Pheromone Research is Expanding

The knowledge about pheromones continues to grow. And their clinical use will increase and result in advances in the prevention and treatment of many health concerns. This includes aging and menopause, as well as revolutionize areas of medicine such as psychiatry. Continuing research and clinical and recreational use of pheromone-based products will increase. And this will help explain why our hormones and our behavior have such profound effects on one another. It’s mindful to be aware of flawed pheromone studies too.

The continuing debate surrounding pheromones will only prompt further research. And these findings might greatly benefit many people. Currently, there has been an emphasis on the use of pheromone-based products to enhance social confidence and sexual attractiveness.

Although we live in a socially progressive era, there are detractors that might question the use of such products. However, it is important to widen the scope of the impact of pheromone-based products. Beyond hearing, taste, touch, and vision, the awareness of pheromones through a process separate but related to olfaction, should not upset our religious values. Instead, it should reinforce them. Learn about the different types at


Stay tuned as we post more about the power of human pheromones and how you can mix them with your favorite cologne and perfume.

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