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penis pump

In this article, you will learn about Penis pumps.

How Do Penis Pumps Work?

The basic scientific principles on which penis pumps are built are simple enough. A lengthening and widening of the penis are achieved by increasing the volume of blood in the flaccid penis by means of a vacuum action. In this way, an erect penis is achieved. The penis is placed in a cylinder fitted with an airtight seal at its base, and a vacuum created by drawing out air using a hand or electric pump.

The effect of the vacuum is to subject the penis to pressure, which causes an increase in the amount of blood within the vessels of the penis. Some devices complete the process by providing a constriction ring so that the blood vessels remain closed and the penis remains hard after an erection is obtained. Learn more about penis pumps that work.

Permanent Gains In Penis Size?

If you’re reading this in search of permanent gains to your penis, a pump is not the way to go, since there’s no evidence to support such gains through the use of penis pumps. Go visit enlargement devices or exercise programs instead. If your interested in just length gains then consider a top-notch penis extender.

It’s important to remember that penis pumps were originally developed for use by men with erectile problems rather than those seeking permanent gains in erect state, and that in fact, all FDA (American Food & Drugs Administration) approved pumps are approved only for the purposes of treating erectile dysfunction, not penis enlargement as some companies would have you believe.

At present, the FDA in the United States distinguishes between two types of penis pumps – ones designated for “medical use” aimed at those who want to use pumps to facilitate erection because of previous problems and “novelty” pumps, which simply sex toys. The FDA only approves pumps for medical use – such devices must fulfill a range of stringent technical requirements, as well as providing instructions and certain precautionary information. Read my Bathmate review.

Benefits Obtained By Using Penis Pumps

  • A real alternative for men suffering from erectile dysfunction for whom penile implants, Caverninject (drugs injected directly into the penis base) or Viagra are not viable options.
  • Erections are achieved relatively quickly – typically 2-3 minutes and last for up to 30 minutes.
  • High success rate.
  • Because the pressure of the vacuum temporarily reduces penile sensitivity, men suffering from premature ejaculation may find that ejaculation is delayed.
  • You may be able to charge the cost of your FDA-approved penis pump to your health insurance if you suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Problems Associated With Penis Pumps

  • Some might find it emotionally difficult/embarrassing to use a pump in order to obtain an erection.
  • When abused/misused, pumps can cause minor injuries such as blisters and skin discoloration as well as more severe problems caused by the rupture of larger blood vessels. Trouble is, the potential for misuse is pretty high – there’s always the temptation to pump ” a bit longer to get a bit harder”.
  • There is evidence to suggest that regular over-pumping results in fewer erections, which when they do arrive, are softer than normal and difficult to maintain for any length of time.
  • The quality of cheaper, novelty pumps is unregulated. Some are unable to maintain their vacuum, others may shatter under the pressure of the vacuum, potentially causing injury.
  • While the erection results obtained by use of pumps increase over time, any gains made in penis length and girth are of a temporary nature, disappearing if the use of the pump stops.

You should consult a doctor before using a penis pump if you suffer from any of the following;

  • history of priapism
  • bleeding disorders
  • sickle cell anemia
  • leukemia,
  • spinal cord tumor
  • penile tumor or some penile injuries.
  • need to use blood thinning medications.

Choosing A Pump

With the potential for injury being as high as it is with use of these devices, we think it vital that any pump purchased be one that has undergone tests for safety. In the U.S, this will mean that it should be FDA approved; in the EEC countries, it should have received a CE mark. Don’t consider purchasing unless you’re satisfied that the pump meets one of these standards, or alternatively, those of your own country. Learn more at

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