Is X4 Labs Extender a Scam?

X4 Labs

X4 Labs penis extender is one of the top products sold today. X4 extenders offer their customers the best quality possible and safety. First, they offer their 4 in 1 penis extender system. This option is available on all their extenders and they call it “quad support system”. By this, no matter how small or big your penis is, it’ll still fit you.

This system is developed for men who possess micro-penises for them to still be able to use the extender, for there are the ones who need this more anyway. This also solves the problems of other penis extenders such as slippage and irritation.

So because of these, X4 Labs extender provides a better way to fix your problems with your penis for the system helps improve penis faster and more efficient than other cheap quality products. Learn more at

X4 Labs Scam or Not?

There are things to consider in choosing the right penis extender for you because there are a lot of products out there that’ll scam you or just offer such low quality and durability. These are penis extenders that are cheaply made and sold without being tested or examined by doctors.

X4 labs extender is not just of great quality but also is a doctor recommended product. They are prescribed by doctors around the world as an alternative to penis enlargement for people who don’t want surgery.

They are also CE approved as a class 1 medical device. Only top penis enlarger such as x4 Labs had undergone quality standards and is trusted in the medical world. So if your question is “is it a scam?” well the answer is definitely not. Learn more at

Pros and Cons of X4 Extender

Here are the good and bad aspects.


  • You can use it daily and regularly without troubles.
  • The device is not as expensive due to flexible pricing policy.
  • It will improve the size of your penis in just 2 – 6 months of using.


  • Can’t be used outside without using loose pants.
  • Is not good to use while sleeping on your penis might get tangled in the extender while you constantly change positions while sleeping.

X4 Labs Results – Before and After

By applying a little amount of stress to the body of your penis, the X4 Labs penis extender can permanently increase the size of your penis successfully. Below is a testimony of one satisfied customer. “I was skeptical at first, doubting if it would work or not. But one of my buddies told me that it actually works and told me to try it myself.

So what I did is, I bought the whole system just for an experiment and told my friend that he’d owe me the money I’ve spent for the extender if it won’t work, and he agreed. I was stunned that he agreed immediately, which means this does really work for him. Check out our frequent penis extender questions and answers.

So I have used it regularly and followed the simple instructions of x4 labs. After 2 months of using it, I tried measuring my penis and was happy that the length improves from 5 inches to 6 inches. I continued using it and after 6 months my penis grew from 6 – 7 inches. It is really great and I will definitely recommend this to everyone who has the same problem.”

Where To Buy X4 Labs Extender

X4 Labs extender is currently one of the top trusted and effective penis extenders available now, it’s sold online only from the official site. There are several editions of X4 presented on the official site:

  • Starter
  • Deluxe (most popular)
  • Peyronies
  • Gold (maximum gains)
  • Premium Gold

In our opinion, the X4 Labs Deluxe edition servers the needs of the ordinary man, while it’s pretty affordable for most of us. Gold and Premium Gold editions give higher tension force which can enlarge penis length up to 3 extra inches, while starter edition only provides an enlargement of 1-1.5 inches maximum.

So you can pick the package that suits your needs, and not overpay for the options that you don’t need. If you live in Canada, USA or UK – you’re getting your X4 Labs with FREE shipping.

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