Penis Extender Devices FAQ

X4 Labs

Although penis extenders are the most preferred method of penis enlargement these days, many customers still have a lot of questions about them. The ones below are the ones we get asked most frequently by our readers.

From where did penis extenders originate?


How will using a Penis Extender make my penis grow?

A: A traction-styled penis enlargement device will “stretch” your penis by exerting constant pressure on it. As the tissue stretches, it develops little spaces, which soon become filled by already-existing cells that split and divide. Over time, the “spaces” turn into penile tissue, causing your penis to lengthen and thicken. Learn more at

What do you think of the X4 Labs Extenders?

X4 Labs manufactures only high-quality devices. They offer customers more choices than most of the other sites and they also tailor the packages specifically to the customers’ needs. If you are looking for an extender, you can’t go wrong with X4 Labs

Which should I order, a penis enlargement device or male enhancement exercises?

Both penis enlargement devices and male enhancement exercises will help you enlarge your penis. If you are looking for fast results, you might want to try a penis extender. If you aren’t in a hurry, then the exercises will work fine. The extender is somewhat easier to use because, once you attach it, then your work is done. The exercises require more effort on your part.

Have you ever heard of combining penis enhancement exercises with the use of a penis extender?

Yes, many men, in fact, use their extenders along with penis exercises. You will find that many of the extender manufacturers offer package deals that include exercises and pills. Anytime you combine two methods, instead of using just one, you will see better and faster results.

Is it possible for me to sleep with my enlargement device on? How about wearing it to work?

You CAN sleep in it although we do not recommend doing that. If you choose to, then make sure you use the least amount of tension possible. You can definitely wear it to work, especially if you work in a laid-back office setting that allows you to wear loosely-fitted pants. The X4Labs extender will fit easily and discreetly under clothing.

Will using an extender help strengthen my erections?

Yes, the extender will make your erections stronger. Once your penis starts responding to the enlargement process, it will fill with blood more efficiently, enabling you to experience stronger, harder erections.

Will a penis extender harm my penis?

No, not if you use it exactly as directed. Many of the devices for sale are Type I Medical Devices, guaranteed safe to use. The extender itself will come with detailed,  clear instructions for its use. If you purchase a reputable device from a well-known manufacturer, you will be able to access support forums and help sites for the product. Learn more at

My penis is smaller than most. Will an extender fit it?

Yes, if your penis is under 4 (erect) inches, you can order a mini penis extender. It will work and look exactly like the other extenders only it will accommodate your smaller penis size.

How much growth can I expect from using a Penis Extender?

According to the latest research on extenders, most men gain anywhere from 0.5 to 1 centimeters each month when using the devices as instructed. This holds true for all high-quality penis extenders.  I use X4Labs. For men who pair the extenders with other enlargement techniques (such as pills and/or exercises), they usually see faster gains.

How can I know which Penis Extender to order?

Most of the devices you see on the well-known sites are manufactured basically the same way. Some may offer noose fixation while others (usually the newer ones) offer strap fixation. Some even offer both types (such as X4 Labs). Check to make sure you are on a good site, then look at prices, customer service, money-back guarantees, and extras.   Be sure to check out my penis extender comparison reviews for more information.

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