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A study shows that 87% of women prefer men with a large penis. It means that size matters a lot during the sexual intercourse for obvious reasons. Large penis means better sexual performance and greater satisfaction. How to increase your penis’ length safely? Well, you don’t have to worry because SizeGenetics has the best penis extender device on the market today.

For some men who are concerned with their penis’s size or lack thereof, there is a penis extender device which stretches the penis if it is placed in the device for a number of hours. 

There are other methods to enlarge one’s penis such as a surgical operation. However, the surgical method has been proven to have undesirable complications with a very high rate.

Penis extenders have been proven to be safe and effective that is why these devices gained popularity and preferred by many over other methods. What is a penis extender? It is a device which works through a very simple code. Once the penis is inserted into the device, it applies a tension to the penile shaft thereby stretching the penis.

Penis Extender Before and After

Men who used penis extender before and after the experienced varying degree of results. Some gained an inch in length after using the extender for months, usually between 4-6 months. Others gained less than an inch without a decrease in girth. One thing is clear, penis extenders work if it is used accordingly.

It is usually designed to have two fastening points, one is placed at the base while the other near the head, and bars which extend the length of the extenders. The wearer adjusts the length of the extender and wears the device for hours. The major differences in the designs are shown in the wearer’s comfortability. Some extenders use padding while others have the vacuum system to help in the extension.

Since you will be wearing the extenders for long hours of every day over a period of six months to see the results, it is important that you will have to consider comfort as the major factor when buying extenders. The extenders use tension to stretch the penis; the more tension you put in the better the results. Some extenders are poorly designed that the wearer only manages to put them on for a few hours thereby diminishing their effects. It is recommended that the extenders should be worn at least 6 hours every day. 

Penis Extender Reviews

A penis extender is a simple device yet effective in lengthening the penis. Because of its popularity, the marketplace is full of penis enlargement devices that it is easy to be sidetracked from buying the product that really works.

When you are shopping for penis extenders, do not just settle for the cheaper ones. More often than not, cheaply made devices are not designed for comfort and longer wear. To know which product is best for you, read penis extender reviews. You will know that the product is good if you read positive comments or feedback from real people who have tried and used the product. Alternatively, bad reviews will guide you to keep away from the product and look for something else. Make sure to check out my X4 Labs review.

Choosing A Brand


There are many different brands of penis extenders in the market, read also penis extender before and after reviews. You will find that the design and operation of each device are almost the same. After all, they only have one purpose, which is to extend the penis. However, you can easily tell the premium device from a poor one by knowing what to look for.

A good penis extender should have the capability to apply penile traction efficiently. Extenders are also known as traction devices which work by applying tension down the length of your penis. How an extender applies tension determines how good it is and how assured you are to see results. Learn more about the

An effective penis extender device should provide comfort to the wearer. In order to see positive results, the wearer should use the extender for at least 6 hours every day for 24 weeks. This is where cheap devices usually fail. They lack comfort which enables the wearer to use them for only a few hours, therefore, jeopardizing the results. Quality penis extenders come in comfort components combine with technology to ensure a pleasant experience.

Buy From A Trusted Manufacturer

Look and buy from a company or name which is reputed to be professional, with good customer service before and after sales, and has the confidence to tell consumers what their products can do. An overhype website will tell you that their penis extender can lengthen your shaft into Hulk size but a good website will tell you how their products work and what you can do to achieve the results. Moreover, a good website or company will offer you money back guarantee should you find their product ineffective.

Be a smart buyer and get your money’s worth. Don’t buy the first product you come across. Use buying guides such as penis extender reviews to find the best product in the market. A quick online search will lead you to hundreds of reviews. Some sites will even let you run a side-by-side comparison between or among a list of product names. Know what is in the penis enlargement package and the terms and conditions of purchase. Learn more  at and at

How to Use a Penis extender Safely

Always consider safety precautions. A penis extender name which carries the European CE safety stamp is safe enough to use, not to mention effective. The stamp ensures that the device complies with the industry standards and that it will work as intended without risks. Regardless of the design, you can put on the extender using these easy steps:

  1. Prepare your penis by wrapping it with a piece of soft cloth or gauze to protect it from rubbing against the extender.
  2. Put the penis in the extender through the device’s ring located at the base.
  3. Strap on the extender and secure your penis’s head. Adjust the tension by increasing or decreasing it according to your preference or as required.
  4. Use the device during the day to avoid accidental injury while you sleep. It is recommended that the wearer is awake while using the device so he can easily spot discomfort.
  5. During the first few days, do not wear the device for more than four hours. You can increase the number of hours for a maximum of eight once you get accustomed to wearing the extender.

You can track the penis extender before and after progress every week. Tracking will keep you motivated and will help you reach the desired results.

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