17 Day Diet Meal Plans

17 Day Diet

If you are thinking about trying the 17 Day Diet then you may be curious about what types of meals you may be eating during the diet. The 17 Day Diet promotes a healthy diet consisting of healthy foods and avoiding foods such as, processed foods, fried foods, sugary foods, and any other food that is unhealthy. The diet is divided into phases, or sometimes they are called cycles. Each cycle in the diet will consist of a slightly different type of food to help confuse your metabolic system. The confusion will promote increased fat loss.

The first phase of the diet would consist of an unlimited amount of lean protein and nonstarchy vegetables. If your cholesterol is in the order you would also be allowed 2 eggs per day, along with probiotics, a limited amount of fruit, and some small amounts of healthy fats. Healthy fats are found in olive oil for example. Our bodies need a little bit of healthy fat. Learn more at https://erinjgz.wordpress.com

The diet would consist of roughly 1200 calories daily and will be a challenge for most people. Some examples of what you would be eating during each phase below:

Phase 1

  • Lean protein
  • Nonstarchy vegetables
  • Any combination of two low sugar fruits
  • Two probiotics(yogurt)
  • Two small servings of healthy fats
  • Green tea
  • Lots of water

 Phase 2

This phase will be very similar to phase one with just a couple of small adjustments being made. The amount of fat you eat would be reduced to just one serving while adding two servings of healthy carbs. This would push your caloric intake during phase 2 up to 1500 calories, which is just a bit higher.

When looking for healthy starches, you have a wide variety to choose from. Some examples would include brown rice, corn, squash, sweet potatoes (my fav), legumes, and couscous. You would also alternate low calorie days with high-calorie days during this phase.

 Phase 3

During this phase, your food options will expand even more to include additional healthy food selections to promote a lifetime of healthy eating. You would be able to select from more healthy fruits, starches, and healthy fats. Your meal plan will remain almost identical to phase 2, except protein will be more restricted.  You would also be allowed one serving of alcohol and some low-calorie snacks.

Phase 4

During the final phase of the diet, it’s assumed you have met your target weight. In the event that you have accomplished your goal, this phase will be all about simply maintaining your results. Restrictions will be loosened on the weekends but you’ll continue eating meals, as in the previous phases, during the week.

During the weekend you would be allowed 1-2 of your favorite meals and a few alcoholic drinks. You will need to remain disciplined enough to not overindulge during your weekends. It is cheating, but all diets need a little cheating to get through. It allows you to satisfy the cravings you may be experiencing without feeling like you have given up on your diet. Just don’t overdo it and everything will work out great. You should weigh yourself weekly throughout the diet, if your weight goes up 5 pounds, return to the previous cycle until you are back on track. That’s it! Good Luck!

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