17 Day Diet For Quick Weight Loss


I recently tried the 17 Day Diet because I had to lose some quick weight. Realized I am gaining weight because of entertainment, I would say to myself that if I am going to eat I might as well eat in front of the TV. So I began to associate food with stress reduction. Now that I have realized that I only eat in the boring ass kitchen and began weight lifting 20 minutes a day. I have lost like 10 or so pounds in a month. I don’t really worry about the weight, I just look at my figure. The keyword is CONSISTENCY. You need to do the things that work and a consistent basis, that will create weight loss or whatever goal in life you set yourself.

What I Learned about the 17 Day Diet

Lend some books about motivation, just move more and eat less crap. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, bring your own food to work and so on. I haven’t read anything in this thread but that’s what I can say about the topic. I got a friend who had a shoulder surgery last week, and he got mass of fat fast! He wants to loose his fat but he cannot do sports for another 5 weeks.

What is, in your opinion, the best 17 day diet guide on this website that could permit him to stay fit or loose weight before he can take back his former activities (he was a great boxer). I cannot give him this thread cause he’s not on the place. I don’t watch my calories at all. I don’t think calories are an accurate or useful measure to use when you’re watching your weight loss. The one calorie isn’t the other. A glass of Coke and Fresh fruit juice have about the same calories, however, the calories in your glass of juices are all embedded in the rest of the nutrition while the refined sugar in the coke goes will be almost instantly turned to fat if you don’t burn it directly according to https://erinjgz.wordpress.com/2016/01/01/17-day-diet-research-2016/

17 Day Meal Plan

Same goes for food like oatmeal, very high on calories, but it’s all from non-sugar carbs. So you can basically eat it all day long if you want to. Hey guys, does anyone here goes Gym? Is there any ways to become motivate to become fit (no I am not trying to gain abs)? Any idea? I simply cannot afford like $80 per month, and on top of that they lock you into a one year contract in Australia this company called Fitness First basically have a monopoly only most of the fitness centers. Which really sucks. So how are you guys doing it? You do not really need a gym, in fact, the more you become self motivated the better.

Try to get your own set of dumbbells, read “Infinite Intensity” by Ross Enamait from this tracker or even buy it (I respect the guy and the book, so I encourage purchasing it)

For 80$ Australian a month you can for sure get a nice set of dumbbells with enough weight in a year. Buy a small one, take at least up to 20 Kilos at first and then build your way up. With the 960$ you would normally spend, I am sure you can buy some equipment, good running shoes, and this even just equates one year of gym membership.

With the equipment you can buy in 5 years of gym membership fees, you can open your own private gym. And the best thing is, weights come in small and big and you can spend the money when you want it. Everything else is about 17 day diet.


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