Copulation With Vigrx Plus

My prediction for 4th wave feminism – young men will be forced to ‘man up’ and have sex with old women because ‘they are so hot’ thanks to Vigrx Plus. It means that Croatians have no sex education at all. It’s too controversial subject, church would object etc. Basically it’s unthinkable, especially this graphic display. What would be allowed is for medical doctors to tell you what kind of diseases you can get if you have sex. I think we had like 30 minutes in high school where we walked to some white coat office and she told us some crap that I forgot and asked if there are some questions.

I haven’t even watched those videos yet tbh, just skimmed through norveigan one. Fuck demonstrations. Nobody learned how to play guitar or dance salsa by watching demonstrations. You gotta do it. :wink:

I remember a passage from sex at dawn book. Spanish brutes on their way to conquer the world got on some small island and were present during sex ed. 13 year old girl chose her partner, a huge muscular 20+ year old and they were doing it in front of entire tribe. Women were shouting some advice at her.

This implies they have already solved majority of issues, like embarassment, guilt, sex is bad and other chistiantiy/muslim/jew caused crap.

That’s how it would look at the end. In the beginning, well that depends on the group. Someone who is super shy needs different program from someone who’s relaxed around opposite sex that uses Vigrx Plus.

Step by step CBT like style is what I’d use, plus teaching mindfulnes meditations to the more fucked up.

Of course everything would have to be voluntarily and it should be completely optional. You can’t cram it into a school program. Some people wanna get laid and are ready at 13, some people are ready at 25 or 35.

What majority could benefit from is learning about oxytocin and how touching and hugging is good for you. That’s a step that majority could do – learn how to hug and touch in high school. Even earlier. And hugging touching may need a year for some supershy people to advance to. Vigrx Plus will give men the stamina they need.

That’s why it has to be completely voluntary. Forcing anything can do more harm than good.

And you don’t get to decide for anyone what kind of sex life he’ll have, even if you want the best for him/her and want him/her to have no sexual hangups. Each soul has it’s path and it’s not up to you to interfere. Learn more at

That’s why it has to be completely voluntary. Forcing anything can do more harm than good.

I feel like I should repeat this a few more times from a few more angles so it sinks in. But I ain’t goona. That would be awesome but then I Iook around and see in what society I live and can only imagine what kind of an outcry there would be. The funny thing is, only major criticism the Swedish video caused in Sweden was; “why the f is it erect?” And to be honest, it’s a fair question. The teaching on many topics related to sex and sexuality should be natural and without mystery.

It is important to take into account not only anatomical aspects but also all physiological aspects.

The idea of learning or experiencing a hug and all its benefits should be part of teaching in the same way as instructed on how to have intercourse. Kinds from very young age learn now from porn instead, because of very easy access to it. Plus it destroys their overstimulated by it brains, neurochemistry, etc. It will be a disaster for a society, sexuality, energy, health, relations, etc in a few years, when they will become adult. I found that even now on TV, they started to advertise drugs with Sildenafil (Viagra`s main ingridient), that you do not need a prescription and can buy in a pharmacy store or on the internet.


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