Pherazone For Men …. Great Results

Before I met my ex, I had been using Pherazone for men, a powerful pheromone fragrance sold online. All my game was based on getting the girl to acknowledge how much I want to rail her..
I remember, three different girls in a row said to me ‘I feel like you’re piercing into my soul’ <– Those actual words from all three.

Using Pherazone I felt more confident around women. This is an extremely potent and pleasant smelling pheromone cologne. Because I would literally sit there and stare deeply into their eyes and they were speaking.. Just building the deep connection.
When they'd stop speaking, I would relish in the tension that was caused by the silence.. Watching them gasp for ideas to come into their mind. I knew the pheromones were working.

I went from no girls in 2 years, to fucking 3 girls in 1 month all thanks to pheromones. I know many people do more than this but for me, this was insane.

How Pherazone Helped Me

I went from having sex with 1 girl in my whole life, to having a girl so wildly insane with me that the 2nd time we met SHE took initiative to suck me off on a coach on the top floor of the library on campus.. Other days this girl would bring me to my car and ride me… HER initiative.

Then I left my 3 yr commitment and I did it again.. I started off a little rusty. The first girl I actually got, and I spoke about railing this other girl at work in my car but we never did because I was too much involved with the other girl that I was also working with.

Then Maddie occurred (for those of you who have been reading my journal) and I failed miserably. I was WAY too invested in her. Then Korey occurred and I also failed.

Pheromone Validation

In the beginning, I was validated endlessly by both of these girls. Korey gave me a shocked ass face when she saw realized that I was talking to her, and when I stared at her lips she smiled at me. Maddie spent 15 minutes showing me cool instagram pics of herself and talking to me about her life before she gave me her number.

I met Maddie like 2 months before Korey, with Maddie I learned that I wanted to become warm. And when I say warm, I mean that I wanted to give an instant zest of sensual capabilities.. She gave off this warmth, this sensual love for herself that you could smell a mile away.

So I decided to focus my intentions on becoming warm.. That turned into building an intimate connection with myself.. Causing me to completely devalue girls, looking at them as people rather than sexual objects.. I stopped hitting on them for a while, and I maintained focus on how to love myself more.

My goal was to become as expressive of myself as possible.
So I began really loving myself.. And I still am learning how to but some things:

I now feel in love with myself as if I am in love with someone. I am completely authentic with how I feel, and I am focused on my passions and purpose in life I am more in-tune with myself than I have been in my whole life

This has really improved my whole life, but when it comes to girls I began doing things all wrong. When I started going for girls again I intended to connect with them on a level of friendship.. Without really knowing that's what I was doing. I wanted them to feel really comfortable around me – to feel like they could share the deep parts of themselves easily.. To act from their personality rather than showing me the persona that they show everyone.

And where did this take me? It caused the girls I was speaking with to first think I was fucking top shelf (because of the persona that I have) but then as I connected to them, my intent of comfort made them feel uncomfortable.. And I presume not just uncomfortable.. I presume they also looked at me like a low-valued beta.. Because it made them feel like I was trying to manipulate them into sex through the 'nice guy' routine.. Which was FAR from what I intended to do..


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