Unscented Pheromone Sprays That Work


After the 1st year of using human pheromones baby girl i already knew that many things definitely not going to work with my woman, my anger was gaining ground, as well apathy, certain personal dropouts. I was using unscented pheromone sprays such as Pherazone.

We live a stressful and neurothic relationship for just over three years, we tried hard to go on, we wanted to continue trying again and again, we had good sex until the last moments, habituated pheromones, but good. Learn more at http://condor-project.org/why-i-use-the-best-pheromones/

The separation was hard, as usually are when we deal with depp feelings. Lack of work and money leaded me to land in my 43′s at my mother’s house for an year and a half. It should be noted: we never had a smooth relationship with pheromone users. Learn about pheromones for women.

I deal with this intermitent cohabitation ( i lived in friends houses too), but I think it destroyed much of my brain, among other things.

After that (here we are in 2016!) i returned to my house (left when we broke up to my ex and girls until they could move… now).

These days I find myself usually with little energy (days more days less), several years ago gradually i dedicate less time to play music (working on it right now this days). I’m working too in my relationships: i think they become a little roughness; I do miss the past, not having sex more than myself, little by little back to go out, to gain confidence, to enter into discussions, meeting people, flirting with pheromones. Learn more at https://botw.org

I don’t think it’s only about aging, just thinking i’m in debt with my very deepest inner self. I have not gone too far with pheromone attraction.

-Online Dating doesn’t work for me. I’m in 4 social networks (Badoo, happn, Tinder & OkCupid) and have achieved only a couple of crushes … none was answered when messaged.

-Going Out doesn’t seems to work. Usually i’m alone at home or too tired and demotivated just to begin the adventure. My friends about my age are married or worse than me… Not easy to get a wingmen. I failed to make younger friends who have the spirit either …

Yesterday i celebrated my birthday. Among the guests came an astrology’s clas.smate, 20 years younger than me. Our relationship so far has been based on empathy that naturally came up and a bit of hysteria of real pheromones.

I think it was the ideal opportunity. She was the last person to went my home … and beyond occasional hug and touch during the meeting … I did not “find” the momentum to move forward or escalate. I think i’m fucked up!

I’m thinking that maybe there’s some organic problem, about testosterone or something? In my daily fantasies I WANT to fuck her (as many others) but at the moment of truth … It seems like don’t.

Something important to note: despite these situations and what i previously told, I generally feel good. I am fully aware that it is a moment in my life I am going through, which I’m learning and I will be victorious.


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