Pheromones For Women That Work

pheromones for women

Apart from the good looks and a good attitude, there is something else also which tends to make men go behind women. Before you start running your mind in all the directions let me break the secret. It is supposedly a chemical which the female body secretes and it attracts the males. These chemicals are known as female pheromones and they tend to increase the sexual attractiveness of women.

How Pheromones For Women Work

It is believed by the scientists that with time the human nose has lost this capability to detect pheromones intentionally but somewhere inside unintentionally we tend to get attracted by the pheromones. By detecting the pheromones a man gets attracted towards the person who has released the pheromones. Thus men follow the women. This process is more scaled in case of some insects. With time, however, the effect of pheromones that women had have gone down as compared to the effect of pheromones of men. Learn about pheromones for women.

These pheromones are generally present in the women’s sweat and can be used with a body spray. This would result in an individual not knowing he is being attracted to them.

There are many products on the market which claim that they are selling pheromones for women. These are body sprays and have been on the market for some time. Some of these have also been found to be effective though it remains a question whether really pheromones are responsible for the same. In any case, there is no harm in trying these sprays once; you never know when they might work.

What Are Copulins?

What in the world are copulins?! I could get really technical on you, and talk about the hypothalamus and ovulation and…see, I already lost you didn’t I! The truth is that I am a pheromone enthusiast. Copulins are my FAVORITE! Technically they are not a “pheromone” but rather a bunch of chemicals…but I digress.

Where do they come from?

They are a group of 6 fatty acids that are secreted by a woman’s vagina during ovulation. This is how a woman’s body advertises that she is fertile, juicy and ripe for mating and procreating. Have you ever seen intact male dogs around a female dog in heat? Yep. That’s what I’m talking about. Now I’m not about to try and convince you that your experiences with the synthetic form will be exactly like that every time. But in my personal experience, it is certainly possible that it could be the case sometimes at least.

Men have their testosterone and their morning erections and their strength and size and drive. Copulins help balance the playing field, help tip the scales in a woman’s favor. Where it is true that they, at least the synthetic form, have been shown to increase a healthy man’s testosterone significantly, some men can also become extra cuddly, relaxed, and want to please the lady in their life…as well as being aroused.

In short, these aromatic molecules can cause double takes, unforgettable first impressions (or second, or third), and help assist a woman in perfecting her special, unique brand of je ne sais quoi. But that’s not all!

What are some of the benefits?

Some women report an extremely noticeable increase in arousal when wearing copulins or laced/enhanced perfume and an increase in vaginal lubrication (which contains natural copulins for an extra bonus). In addition, mood elevating properties have been reported as well as a general feeling of sauciness, or an extra swing in the hips. I have experienced many of these properties personally and am blown away by the implications this has for relationships and their improvement.

Men aren’t left out either! Those women who are aroused when exposed to copulins will be drawn to a man who is wearing them as well. Not to mention, the man’s natural prowess will be enhanced by the extra testosterone and his sex appeal will be turned up to 11. You see why this awesome chemical compound is my favorite “pheromone”?

How To Buy Pheromones For Women

This is just like any other product or service in the world where sex sells. So, what do we do? Where do we go and who do we trust? How much money do we have to spend in order to enjoy the benefits of female pheromones? I have the answer to this, or at least I have my opinion, but first I want to delve deeper into this subject with you.

Think about the human body. Its brilliant intelligence, the genius of our trillions of cells, and how it all works together to create these masterpieces we walk around in. Yes, we are each and every one a full-on masterpiece. Now, think about sex. Is there anything more enjoyable, more satisfying than fantastic the-sheets-are-soaked-and-your-bodies-are-buzzing-head-to-toe sex? Learn more at

When it comes to the pheromone market and selling sex, the claims are outrageous. The prices are often outrageous as well. I know they say “you get what you pay for” but I don’t always find the most expensive, the flashiest, or the one with the coolest packaging to actually be the best. It is my opinion that the very best on the market are Pherazone for women. Learn more at

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