Vigrx Plus Review – How Well Does it Measure Up?

Vigrx Plus girl

You’ve probably seen a lot of penis pill comparison sites around the internet.  And you’ll have noticed that VigRX always figures strongly in them.  And there’s a reason for that: VigRX works.  Believe me, no one knows that better than I do.  So what is it about VigRX that makes it so effective?


VigRX is one penis enhancement product that is the result of extensive medical research.  Its formulation was developed on the basis of sound biological principles by a team of researchers. They evaluated every natural herbal product that had a reputation for enhancing sexual function and penis development.  

Once they’d settled on a number of botanicals that showed a real effect, they conducted extensive tests. on every possible combination of these, working out which ones worked together to produce an even greater effect and experimenting to find exactly the best balance of the quantities of each.

Only when all this exhaustive testing was complete did they settle on a final formula of exactly the right ingredients in exactly the right ratio.  That formulation has been on the market for ten years and the proof that it works is the thousands of satisfied customers who have used it. Learn more about male supplements at


VigRX works because of the high quality natural botanical ingredients used.  Most of these have been drawn from ancient herbal medicine traditions and have been rigorously tested under modern laboratory conditions.  They are also prepared to the strictest modern standards to ensure that VigRX is a high-quality product with the freshest ingredients.  Because these are all natural ingredients, VigRX has absolutely no harmful side effects.  In fact, because of its all-natural formulation, VigRX has beneficial side effects on the whole body, making the user feel healthier and invigorated.Learn more at


VigRX works by increasing circulation to the erectile tissue in the penis without increasing your blood pressure.  Research has shown that this erectile tissue responds strongly to stimulation by the traditional Chinese herbal ingredients in VigRX.  The erectile chambers in the penis are able to adapt to greater capacity and better function when they are supplied with the right dosage of ingredients.

At the same time, the carefully balanced VigRX formulation relaxes the nervous system, which further adds to penile health.  The result is the stimulation of maximum penis growth and increases in virility.  What this means for you is that your penis is larger when aroused. You’ll have a greater capacity for the erection and longer-lasting erections.  It also results in stronger orgasms.  There are also non-physical benefits including greater sexual confidence and so greater self-confidence in general.


VigRX has been subjected to extensive medical testing and a number of physicians and naturopaths have endorsed the product strongly.  Among their findings are that the product induces high sex drive and increases in penis size and the size of erection.  They have also shown that there are no harmful side effects from long-term use of VigRX.  Other results include a demonstration of increased pressure inside the erectile tissue of the penis with no increase in general blood pressure in the rest of the body.  VigRX has also been shown to increase the level of testosterone.


Thousand of men, just like me, have benefited from the penis enhancing effects of VigRX.  This is because the product has effects which not only enhance penis size and erection firmness but also increase sex drive. This leads to greater orgasmic intensity and an overall increase in sexual satisfaction and general health.

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