Vitamins for ED


In order to get high testosterone and low estrogen, you have to remember, the body tries to get rid of estrogen. The primary way it gets rid of estrogen is in the gut. Your body has a bile that puts this estrogen into your gut. Since the body can’t get rid of all the bile all the time, or you wouldn’t have anything left in your body, it would all be out the tubes. It’s recycling in your body. Your liver puts out, and your gallbladder puts bile out, and then they bring some of it back into your body. What you want to do, is you want to try to… The estrogen is discarded through your gut; you want to get rid of the estrogen through your gut. There’re a couple ways of doing that. One of those is, by taking activated charcoal. You can either take it as a tablet or in a glass of water. Something like two, to three tablespoons. Learn more at

I don’t recommend you do that more than a couple of times week, but let’s say twice a week at the most, but it really does help. If you’re taking medications, don’t take activated charcoal without talking to your doctor, because it will soak up a lot of the medications that you think you’re supposed to be getting, and it’ll tie it up in the charcoal. You’ll crap it out.

As a woman, you have to be very careful if you’re on a some kind of hormonal birth control pills then? If you’re on hormone treatments? Hormonal birth control pills.

We’re just talking to men anyway. Talking with men anyways, okay, yeah.

That’s a good point. |fyou’re a man, and you’re taking testosterone, you take it as a patch, injection. If you’re taking any medication, check with your doctor. It’s very strong stuff. The other two are much easier on you. One is carrot salad. You grate a carrot, lengthwise. Cut the ends off, peel it, grate it lengthwise and then add a little bit of olive oil, maybe a teaspoon of coconut oil and salt and vinegar and you eat that salad every day, or you just munch on a carrot. Peel a carrot and just eat a carrot every day. Carrot does actually have the ability to absorb a lot ofthe estrogen into the carrot and then you will crap that out. Another one you can do is psyllium fiber. You can use a teaspoon with water, dissolve in plenty of water once a day and that also helps lower the estrogen through your gut, by preventing the recycling. Learn more at and

Psyllium fiber is basically what Metamucil is. What’s that? Psyllium fiber, that’s basically what’s in Metamucil?

Metamucil, yeah. Metamucil is one, there’s a whole bunch of brands, yeah, exactly. That’s how you could help get rid of the estrogen. That’s probably the most important. The other one that’s just vitally important is getting rid of vegetable oils, fish oils, seed oils. What I mean seed oils, is safflower, soy, corn. Canola.

Canola oil, flax seed. These are all bad oils, and you don’t want to have any of them every, whatsoever. You also don’t want… This is really hard for people, but fish oils are really bad too. They totally break down in your body and produce all kinds of problems with your testosterone and estrogen; they’re just horrible. Don’t take fish oil at all either. Not at all. No krill oil, no fish oil, no whatever cod liver oil, nothing. Instead, use coconut oil, grass fed butter, or maybe a small amount of olive oil, like a salad dressing. No nut milks, no nuts, they’re very high in these oils. No bottled dressing, nothing fried, unless it’s coconut oil that’s fried in. There’re hidden PUFAs in soups, in pizza crust. It’s supposed to be made with olive oil which has PUFAs, but it’s not mostly PUFAs, They use vegetable oil a lot of times in cheap crusts and bread. Learn more about male supplements at

You don’t want any vegetable oil whatsoever. This will kill your metabolism. It will cause you all kinds of health problems. It will cause you to be fat and have diabetes and have low crappy erections and everything. You want to get rid of it. It takes a long time to get rid of these because the body stores them as it’s fat cells, in order to avoid damage. If you go on a diet, or lower your fat consumption, that fat comes out of the fat cells and now you have PUFAs that are broken down in your body. It’s very bad for you, but you have to get rid of them.


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