Chikara pheromone cologne review – I LOVE IT


Chikara is a high-quality pheromone cologne designed for beginner use. It is perfect for the person who wants to use pheromones, but you don’t want to worry about picking the right one.

Personally, I want a cologne that doesn’t attract too many women. I want a cologne that isn’t overwhelming and confusing.

Chikara for Men is a great way to meet new women. It is an icebreaker, and it isn’t as powerful a Pherazone. If you’re kind of shy, then Chikara is a good fit for you. Women will feel comfortable around you and want to talk more. Also, Chikara does wonders to boost your confidence. Learn more at

My Test Results

Wear Chikara and you won’t have problems getting numbers from beautiful women. In all honesty, they’ll want to meet you and see you again and again. Now, Chikara isn’t a magic potion. You still have to work on your seduction techniques. Also, since it is somewhat subtle, you might have to blend it with other pheromone colognes to take your actions to the next level with women.

When I wear Chikara, women always compliment me on the great fragrance. They love it, even strangers. This is why it is such a good icebreaker. Use Chikara and experiment. Determine what dosage works best for you.

Make sure you use enough Chikara. Keep in mind that it is very subtle, which means that if you don’t use enough, it won’t work. On the flip side, if you use too much, it can impact others negatively. Yes, Chikara is an icebreaker, but women aren’t going to throw themselves at you. You still have to know how to talk to women and present yourself in a good light.

Chikara Pheromone Cologne contains the three major pheromones, which are androstenol, androsterone and androstenone. It has a higher amount of androstenol than the other two pheromones. So how do these pheromones work to get more attention for you?


This pheromone helps you in social settings. It makes you friendly, youthful and vigorous. This makes women feel very comfortable, relaxed and chatty around you. Women want to engage in very long conversations whenever they are exposed to androstenol. This is why it is known as the icebreaker human pheromone. It even has a great impact on strangers, so use it to your advantage.


This pheromone gets things moving sexually. It makes you a dominant, aggressive and competitive alpha male. When women are exposed to it, it makes them feel sexually attracted to you.


This pheromone makes you appear very masculine. When women are exposed to it, it makes you appear as a reliable, safe protector.

Basically, because Chikara possesses these pheromones, it is viewed as a feel-good type of pheromone cologne. As a standalone cologne, it makes both women and men friendlier towards you. Also, it makes the wearer worthy of respect.

Everyone likes the smell of Chikara Pheromone Cologne. However, don’t wear too much of it. It may have a nice smell, but it can get bad responses from others when you wear too much of it. I guess you can blame this on Chikara’s secret ingredients.

So why is Chikara Pheromone Cologne good? When it is used by itself, it smells pretty good. It makes people around you happier and friendlier. They feel comfortable approaching you for fun and conversation.

If you are looking for a pheromone cologne that creates a highly sexual environment, then Chikara isn’t for you. It’s a good cologne, but it was not designed for this purpose.

When I experimented, I learned that I could add three other colognes or additives to Chikara to trigger sexual tension. I got the sexual frustration or sexual tension I was looking for.

Tips for Best Results

NPA for Men – When combined with Chikara, it provides the sexual tension or frustration that people crave; however, just make sure you wear the right dosage. Learn more at

Alpha 7 Scented or Unscented – When combined with Chikara, it adds a very intense, but smooth amount of sexual tension to any situation. It also makes you appear as an alpha male who deserves respect, even among other males in the room. Personally, I like this additive the most.

Alter Ego for Men – When combined with Chikara, not only does it create sexual tension, but it also creates a friendly environment for the wearer. In addition, Alter Ego for Men doesn’t have a good scent, but Chikara does. So, the two colognes balance out one another very well.


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