I started using Chikara pheromone cologne and LOVE IT


Recently, I started using Chikara pheromone cologne like a one and half month ago, to attract this hot arabic chick in my classroom. I remember the first day she noticed I checked her out, she is smoking hot, her body is deadly. In the next three weeks I looking around after this chick but she wasn’t in the class. I thought perhaps she quite or something. But one day I notice her she was sitting there all alone in the classroom, I sit next to her and strike a small conversation, from the small clues I got from her was positive I think she found me attractive.

I’m thinking in my head during the break I talk with her more and get her number. Fortuntely, she picked up on the scent of my Chikara pheromone cologne and complimented on how sexy I smelled. I knew she loved the smell of Chikara. After an hour we finally got break I see her walk out the classroom as I’m heading out my friend stops me and want to talk. Now I’m waiting and waiting outside and she isn’t coming, the course started and she was nowhere to be found, I got frustrated. The next 2-3 weeks I was for lookout for this girl but she was nowhere to be found I kind of gave up.

Maybe I needed to apply a few more sprays of pheromones to keep the attraction stong or maybe her VNO wasn’t picking up on the signals. I didn’t give up at that point and decided to apply Chikara pheromone again. Learn more at http://chrshrt112.typepad.com/blog/2015/08/pheromone-traps-work.html

Yesterday, I was sitting in the classroom and someone sits next by me and guess who it is? Yeah it’s her I was actually surprised to see her. I small talk with her, at the break I suggest we go out and stretch our legs. We sat down on a sofa talked about studying in other country, suddenly from nowhere she pick up her phone and calls her friend, I find something like this very frustrating and disrespecting but I went with the flow, I did not leave or waited on her till she finished talking, I called my friend who was standing in the corridor and chatted with him and walked away. I was using a much smaller amount of pheromones on my pulse points this time.

Couple minutes later we sits down in the class and i strike up couple jokes before the class begins and warm her up a bit. At the second break she tells me she needs to go home, I say, give me your number and immediately she picks up her phone and gives me the number she says can you write down your name? I’m like what are you in third grade can’t spell a simple name? She is just smiling. I say I’ll contact you, she said you do that and walked away.

Human Pheromone Observations

* When she sat down next to me I was pretty confident I would get her number.
* Don’t freak out, when she calls someone randomly during a conversation, it’s rude as f..k though, next time she does that I will tell her it’s not ok.
* Tease her, speak you mind don’t over analyse and be in the flow.

I’m pretty excited how things will turn out, my worst side is texting though especially starting conversation. I keep it updated.


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