My Results with Semenax …. [UPDATED]

I was 19 at the time, when I first started using Semenax. She was actually my first everything. I was always a shy boy growing up and because of this, my success and experience with woman was rather limited. When I finally met my first girlfriend in my freshman year of college , she was much more experienced than me. I never asked her how many guys she’s been with but if I were to guess it was probably closer to the double digits than the single digits. I have been using Semenax to boost my sperm production by up to 500%. Learn more at and

My first time using Semenax

The first step to giving your woman an intense orgasm is to understand them and gain their trust. All women are different when it comes to sexual experiences. Some have a lot of experience and are not scared to open up. A simple whisper in her ear can set the mood for a wonderful night. However other women may be more shy and hesitant to open up for these experiences. If a woman has never given herself pleasure, she may be even more timid towards experiencing an orgasm. If you are having trouble given your woman an orgasm, there is a good chance that your woman is one of these. Therefore it is necessary to be patient with this and ensure that she knows t hat you are understanding and willing to put time into it. You may have to experiment with the different m ethods provided below before achieving an orgasm.

All women react differently to the various techniques. You need to remember that women are human. They enjoy affection and enjoy having their bodies gently caressed. Imagine yourself lying in bed, totally naked, with your woman, and gently stroking your fingers along her soft skin. It may tickle a little big but it will feel really nice. Do not use your nails to scratch her, stroke ever so gently. This will help gain her trust and give her body and mind th e desire. Creating desire is absolutely necessary since it relaxes your women and gets them ready for orgasm . Remember that less is always more. There is no point in trying all the techniques or being rough with her body. Start off gentle, on e technique at a time and see how she reacts to it. If she reacts well, continue with it.

This will make her more relaxed , which will make it easier for her to orgasm. If there is any situation where one should be patient, this is it. Savo r the moment. Get feedback from her as it is truly important to understand her and her body. Communication is key and a lack of communication could be worrisome. Communication should not only be one way from her to you. Let her know how you feel and that you enjoy pleasing her. Compliment her and make her feel like she is number one. Also, you should try to r ead her body language. Is she moaning ? If she smiling? Is she telling you to keep going or to stop?
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