Semenax 2018 Review and Results…. [UPDATED]


In this special Semenax review, you will get all the hard facts you want to know about it. And you will also get advice on whether or not to spend your money on it. So take your time to read this important review.

About Semenax

Semenax is the name of the popular semen and sperm enhancing supplements distributed by Leading Edge Herbals. This vendor is also the same seller of the famous Vigrx line of men sexual health products. So it is a name you can trust. If you are wondering what this semen pill does, it would be easy to say it increases your semen and sperm output. But that is not very complete because it is also a male virility formula that can give you rock hard erections and a higher libido, among other things.


A lot of people don’t fully understand what it’s like to embrace your manhood and have the desire to be a dominant male figure.  For that reason, the supplement Semenax can only be appreciated by those who legitimately want bigger loads.  Bigger loads=bigger orgasms and call me stupid but if there are methods available to increase the pleasure of my orgasms I am going to try them.  With that being said I thought it was important to write a genuine Semenax review so you can determine if this is for you.

First off it helps to know exactly what it is and what you are getting should you decide to buy Semenax.  Semenax was formulated for the purpose of increasing the ejaculation spurts of a man and as a result causing bigger and better orgasms.  It aims for greater sexual performance as well as male enhancement.  The use of Semenax can help your semen volume increase to as much as 500% from where it was previously. Learn more at and

Side Effects

Now that you know the background I should let you know that I don’t just pop any old pill in my mouth because I am not a fan of side effects.  The company claims it is 100% safe and that the ingredients are herbs and blended amino acids.  It should also be noted that Semenax pills are created in a certified pharmaceutical facility.

Additional benefits of the product can be a boost in sperm count as well as better motility.  Depending on your goal, Semenax aims to provide larger loads, intense orgasms and also help with your sperm count if that is what you seek.

Onto what I think of it.  The main reason why I bought Semenax is that I hate having a dribbling climax with my partner.  Yes, I can get the job done but I want a powerful ejaculation.  I can say I now ‘shoot’ a load on almost every occasion.  It took me a little over a week to kick in so do not expect you’ll be firing a cannon in an hour or something otherwise you’ll be disappointed.  Here are the pros and cons from my experience.

What I Like

  • Shoot loads, no more dribbling
  • More intense orgasms due to having more penis contractions
  • Intensity was amazing
  • My confidence shot up, I am the MAN of the house and feel it
  • Sometimes made my erection harder
  • Cheap price
  • Don’t need a prescription
  • Money back guarantee (best aspect of it)

What Could Be Better

  •  Gave me a stomach ache the first time I took it, I recommend eating with food
  •  It isn’t instant

The bottom line is I wanted to greatly enhance my sexual experience and be like the guys in porn.  Bigger ejaculations mean more penis contractions which means more intense orgasms. I am going to continue taking Semenax cause it gets the job done for me and I love the look on my girl’s face.  I read it just became the number 1 rated volume enhancer which only reaffirms my belief in it.”.


If you want a bigger ejaculate load instead of the dribbles you are producing now, then Semenax can work for you. Semenax also has the added advantage of strengthening your erections and making them last longer. In addition, this male virility supplement comes with a risk-free money back guarantee you can bank on.

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