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Pheromones have made a big impact on my life. In my experience, before I made any real progress with women, I had to kill my ego. I had to get rid of my oversensitive pimp ego. I don’t want to get spiritual, but every time I carried any ounce of pride with me, I would manifest a situation where a bigger fish (a more alpha guy) would show up and steal my women.

By reviewing the top pheromones I was able to figure out which ones worked best for me since everybody’s chemistry is a bit different.

Aqua Vitae

aqua-vitae-pheromone-300x300Aqua Vitae has the power to attract and mesmerize women in your presence, but this doesn’t happen in the very beginning. It takes time to work. However, once you figure out how it works, you will become a seduction master.

This is why I recommend using Aqua Vitae. You will see what I mean after you’ve tried it a few times.

Also consider this. You have to believe in yourself when using products like Aqua Vitae. Think of yourself as a superior being.

In order to have this type of mindset, you must be confident. AV helps you to develop this type of confidence. But your true goal should be to attract women with or without pheromones.

It might take time, but be patience and you’ll soon have no problems attracting beautiful women.

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You will still need to practice applying the principles in this book with actual women to see improvement. Experience will always trump pure theory. There is also a difference between knowing something and truly internalizing it.

You can perfectly memorize the theory presented in this article, but until you put it into action, your results will not change. Michael Jordan could teach you the theory behind a perfect jump shot, but you still must train your muscles how to properly respond for your shots to improve. The more you interact with women, and the more references experiences you gain, the greater your intuition and social intelligence will grow.

After awhile, I realized that it’s never about competition. So why the hell did I feel like I was always competing with hidden pheromone cologne? It was because of my ego and pride. I was competitive, and therefore attracted tough competition. In reality, there is always a bigger fish out there. Or better yet, whatever woman you are talking to, there is always another guy who has better chemistry with her.

And the more prideful you are, the chances of the “perfect chemistry” guy showing up to cockblock you becomes damn near 100%. This is not even spiritual advice. This is something I have experienced in physical reality, over and over and over again until I finally dropped my identity as being good with women.

No identity – “I can get girls.”

The mantra of “I can get girls” is the brain hack for the trap of “I am good with women”. Carrying around the belief that you are good with women puts your mind into performance mode. This gets in the way of you being in the moment and having fun. It puts pressure on you and activates your ego. Suddenly you become afraid of failure and your fear stifles your true expression. And when you are stifled, you come across as weird to women no matter how hard you try to be cool. Learn about pheromones for men | and

Adopt the mantra of “I can get girls with or without human pheromones” instead. This belief simply affirms that you can always get girls…no matter what. No matter if you are trying, or simply having fun and enjoying yourself. It puts ZERO pressure on your brain to try and come up with the seduction “manual”. Some gurus will tell you that your brain always has the “manual” and all you have to do to access it is to get into a super state. I say that you don’t even need the manual. It’s just another belief. If you are going to start believing in things, you might as well adopt the highest beliefs. The belief that you can get girls no matter what. This is the highest, most effortless belief possible that puts zero pressure on your brain.

Entitlement, self-esteem and the belief of one’s self-worth are notions that are woven deep into the fabric of a person. Every person’s own personal history and life experiences lead them to having unique beliefs about themselves and others. The subject of entitlement must be approached carefully, since it is easy to misconstrue what I write if you are only identifying the word “entitlement” with its negative connotations.

By believing you can get girls, your brain will disregard the manual altogether and simply scan the room to confirm your reality. Suddenly IOI’s will pop out at you. Small windows that you never knew existed suddenly become blatant to you. You will suddenly find yourself in a reality where you CAN get girls. You just never knew that. All this time, probably because of community brainwashing, you thought you actually had to be GREAT with women! Why do you need to be great when she is already giving you a green light? Carrying around the belief that you need to be great with women blinds you from the women that are ALREADY attracted to you. Learn how to make your own pheromones today.

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