The Influence of Sexual Pheromones


Do you know how to get the attention of a guy? For the most part, it may not be so easy at first because you are most likely overlooking things that are unseen. These unseen things that can effectively get the attention of a guy are called “pheromones”. These wonderful scents of attraction allow women to gain the attention of a guy around them much easier. Many women use a number of things to get the attention of a guy which includes, looking their best, using their favorite designer fragrances or just showing up where he may be.

The provoking conversation also helps to get noticed. Yet, have you ever thought about a perfume that contains pheromones? Pheromone perfumes have been around for a while now and have been one of the most sought-after items to effectively gain the attraction of a guy without much effort. I bet you didn’t notice that, huh? These invisible scents of attraction make women have the experiences that are usually associated with wearing a pheromone fragrance of attraction.

Do Pheromones Intrigue You?

Do pheromones intrigue you? They sure do intrigue me! The idea of attracting the opposite sex with your own scent of seduction is just one of the most fascinating things that our bodies can produce. To amplify the effects of pheromones, people are turning to alternate methods such as pheromone cologne or perfumes. Learn about do pheromones really work.

There are so many to choose from out there, that you often wonder which is the best to pick. I actually like Alter Ego, Pherazone, and Scent of Eros. The colognes have already proven themselves to me quite well. Attracting others almost seems like you are a vampire in the world. Seducing others with a scent of attraction almost seems to have some kind of magical powers that are not usually present in the common world.

The Benefits of Using The Best Pheromones

The benefits include increased flirtation, attraction, intimacy and eye contact when a woman wears this most alluring scent of captivation. There may come a time when you need to dash on a single spray of pheromones to make yourself more appealing and captivating for a man to gaze upon. Imagine being the center of attention while they don’t even know what hit them! These are the special benefits of pheromones and what they can offer you in the passionate embrace of a man. Learn more at

My Alter Ego Pheromone Review Field Test

From my testing, there was no question this stuff works but you have to be extremely careful on how much you use. I learned the hard way not to go over one drop and that one drop is small. When I got Alter Ego I knew I wouldn’t dare try wearing it to work due to high Androstenone concentration.

The first time I used it was for a fall music festival with two of my close friends. The first time I applied 2 drops and Alter Ego worked very well. I had several pheromone hits from females. I even managed to get a number from a young lady in her mid-30s. However, Chris, one of my closest friends since I was 12, had been drinking kind of heavy.

At the end of the night, Chris and I ended up in an argument which almost ended up being a fight between us. What’s strange is Chris and I had never even had words before then. Looking back there was a lot of aggression from both of us which cause the incident, which I credit it to the Alter Ego. Learn more about this pheromone at

ALter Ego Results

The second time I tested Alter EgoI had a few guys showing aggression as well as sometimes little aggression from a woman. It’s no question that I had a couple of overdose incidents. After my third test, I started using 1 drop with Scents of Eros and I started to see the magic.

After I started mixing it with Scents of Eros I begin to see moderate success with younger women but it was a beast with professional women over 40. I slept with my first women who were over 50 using Primal Instinct and it was the first night we met. I found Alter Ego to be the best pheromone cologne to attract older more mature women. Overall, once I found my sweet spot and the right mixer it turns out to be a good product.


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