The Influence of Sexual Pheromones


We all know that guys hit on gorgeous women all the time, give them compliments based on their looks, etc. But how do pheromones influence them?

Becoming better with woman is a learnable skillset. Most men do not know that they can learn to become better with women. However, after giving it some thought, it should become obvious. If you can go to the gym and better your physical appearance, why would it not be possible to build a more attractive personality? Learning to attract women is a social skill, and as with any other type of skill, it can be improved through proper theory and training. While certain individuals will naturally be more inclined to picking up the skill than others, anyone who puts in the effort can increase their competency.

So how to stand out? How to make women feel special (which is something that all people want to feel)? I don’t really know how to do this at all. One time, I genuinely tried to do this with a girl that I really find open-minded, funny and different, but she already knew that – so she was not impressed.

Is possible to do this in a nightclub/bar scenario within the first minutes of conversation?
I also have problems having interesting conversations.

Please, don’t give that kind of “advice” like: just be real, say whatever you want, etc. I’ve tried it. It has not been working.

I’m not hidden in my bedroom waiting for the perfect techniques, I’ve completely exposed my self to the world, I had some very infrequent results. But most of the time is hard to keep a conversation interesting and to create attraction. Learn about do pheromones really work.

It depends on your personality, what you say and do (and how you compliment) should be a reflection of who you are. The message will be more powerfully conveyed with pheromones.

For example – for me, I like to play coy, tease her with real pheromones and challenge. So I find when I want to give a compliment, I give it in a casual way – like a casual mention in passing, and it will usually involve me as well. You sound more straightforward, so maybe just give sincere compliments – but you shouldn’t be giving compliments to “impress”. The message she gets is that YOU’RE impressed .So when you give a compliment, on some level, you’re actually giving her power – and unless you’ve established a more powerful position, the girl might feel she has you already and it might kill the anticipation and fun according to Learn more about sex appeal with pheromones.

Don’t focus on making HER feel special without sexual pheromones. She can be special without you, right? Instead, it might be better to focus on the connection between you two – how that’s special.

I’ll leave you with words from Rosebudd, one of my latest discoveries:

Q: How important is sexual pheromone cologne in the game? Most people say it hinders a person’s game when given too much.

It hinders when you are ‘giving’ pheromone signals. If you are sharp you can see when a woman does something you should take note of and ‘pay’ a compliment. There is a big difference between ‘giving’ and ‘paying’ a compliment and it works in your favor to ‘pay’ compliments. Even in small gestures such as paying attention as you speak, you should take note and compliment her on her attentiveness. When you compliment the real things that are going on instead of the surface bullshit, she will take note and will not be able to get you off of her mind.

The underlying lessons taught in this text apply to all areas of life, but learning them through the route of attracting women provides a path with great motivation, rewards, and instant feedback. Additionally, by working on an area of life that many find to be their most hopeless, the improvements you make will be more impactful. You will be amazed when you see how your confidence and success in this particular domain will spill over into multiple areas of your life. By choosing to make yourself more attractive to women, you are simultaneously choosing to become a better man.


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