The Best Pheromones For Sex

best pheromones for sex

In this article, I review the best pheromones for getting laid. Pheromones are one of the most amazing attractants in the world. Pheromones act without people even noticing. People perceive them unconsciously and react accordingly. You can use human pheromones to make people more relaxed in your presence, to show them that you’re very attentive and caring, or to get more sex. Learn about the best pheromones to get laid.

Some of these reviews are preliminary as I haven’t used and tested these colognes as extensively. If you want to see a specific pheromone cologne review just let me know.

Licence To Kill

Licence To Kill is a new premium cologne by Alpha Dream, and it’s the newest addition to my collection. I tested it with two sprays from the scented version for a few weeks and it feels like a very inclusive cologne. It is both social and sexual and it smells great. Some superb attraction and response from women. I felt like the most interesting guy in the room wearing it. It feels like a very sophisticated pheromone cologne, great for daytime and dates.

I have the scented Leather and Steel version and the scent is great. It is light and masculine and I’ve gotten compliments on the scent alone, seems to last over 8 hours too. There is also two version of the cologne, I got the original v1 version and it works great for me.

Dosage: 2 sprays. Lasts for around eight hours.
Summary: Licence To Kill is a very sophisticated cologne, superb attraction, great smell, lasts for over 8 hours.


Glace is one of my favorite social pheromone colognes because it puts me in a great mood. And it makes people more open, relaxed and talkative. It combines five different pheromone molecules in a balanced formula that project a fun and relaxed vibe. When I wear it, Glace puts everybody around me in a happy and uplift mood. I’ve noticed that people tend to talk more, share more personal stories and open me for conversations. I’m the socially savvy fun guy who people want to hang out with.

I love wearing Glace around my workplace and around friends, everybody seems to be more relaxed, more positive and more open to me. It’s unscented formula and it can be worn with or without cologne, my usual application is three sprays. Glace can also be mixed with some of the more sexual pheromone colognes to add more a social side. I love wearing Glace combined with Alfa Maschio or Aqua Vitae, those combinations make women open, chatty and attracted at the same time.

Dosage: 2-4 sprays. Lasts for about 4-5 hours. 230 sprays per bottle.
Where to wear: Wear with friends and family, at the workplace.
Summary: Glace is a social lubricant, people talk more, people share more personal stories, people wanna be around you, makes women open to you, best for socializing.

Wolf Pheromone Cologne

Wolf is one of the first pheromone colognes that I ever bought and the one that really made me believe in pheromones. The first thing I liked about it was the smell, it has a light citrusy smell and it smells better than any other pheromone cologne that I own. The other thing that separates Wolf are the self-effects that it gives me.

It puts me in a positive and uplift mood and I feel more relaxed and motivated. I love wearing Wolf to work where it projects a great social aura that just draws people. People seem to be happier and tend to gravitate around me, they listen to me more and share more personal stories. It makes me that cool and fun person that everybody wants to hang out with. I usually wear only one spray.

Dosage: 1 spray. Lasts for around 5-6 hours.
Where to wear: Wear at the workplace, business meetings, around friends.
Summary: Wolf smells great, puts you in a positive mood, draws people toward you, people enjoy being around you, people listen to you more, best for the workplace.

Max Attraction Gold

Max Attraction Gold is one of the most popular pheromone colognes that has been around for a long time. I’ve heard many great reviews from other pheromone users. It is created by James Kohl who is a pioneer in pheromone research. I do like the smell a lot, it has a very fresh and light scent. It is a versatile and universal scent that can be worn as a daily stand-alone cologne.

With eight pheromone molecules, it creates great attraction, I’ve noticed increased attraction and interest from women. It has some self-effects too, it elevates my mood and it gives me some extra confidence. As a conclusion Max Attraction Gold is a great stand-alone pheromone cologne that you can wear every day. Great summer cologne.

Dosage: 1-2 sprays. Lasts for six to eight hours.
Summary: Max Attraction Gold has a great fresh scent, well balanced, can be worn as a daily cologne, great for the summer.
love scent

Dirty Primitive

Dirty Primitive is the nuclear option, it’s a concentrated oil-based formula. I don’t recommend it for beginners since it could be hard to use and dose. It also has a very strong scent and it needs to be covered with a cologne. That being said, Dirty Primitive is the most potent sexual formulas on the market and it could lead to a lot of fun. It contains only Androstenone and Copulins, which are very sexual molecules. For me, even the smell of Dirty Primitive gives me arousal. It just smells like sex. I wear it only tonight occasions, or when I’m alone with a lady. Start with only two drops covered with cologne.

Dosage: 2 Drops. Lasts for eight to ten hours.
Summary: Dirty Primitive is a very potent sex formula, it has a strong scent, only for night occasions.


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