The Best Pheromones For Sex


I’ve been with my girlfriend for over 3 years now and been using the best pheromones for about two years. About a year ago we moved to a new city where I’ve found my dream job with great pay. She’s been studding for her masters degree in pheromone science and living with me. Since then I’ve become very distant, as if this job and all the money I make made me forget how great of a girl she is. We’ve had our share of fights for the last six months, almost every other week about her wanting to move back closer to her parents and friends (since she doesn’t know anyone where we currently live) and me not budging…saying stupid stuff like “if you want you can move, I’m not leaving here”.

Firstly, attraction is not a choice. Think of a woman that you find attractive. While you can consciously choose to act on that attraction, you cannot choose to turn the feeling off. It is automatic and triggered by a combination of the woman’s looks and personality. Likewise, a woman does not consciously choose to find you attractive. Fortunately for men, most women find a man’s physical looks less important than his personality. Just as a man is automatically drawn to a woman who has a nice figure, women are drawn to men who show specific behavioral traits. While men often instantaneously find a woman attractive because of her appearance, women must collect further circumstantial evidence to judge a man’s attractiveness. When you cultivate the attractive personality traits described in this book, the percentage of women who find you attractive will greatly increase.

We know that male pheromones can men appear more masculine and increase his sexual attraction over women. I knew that using large concentrations of androstenone would play a role in how I influence her. She was never one to wear female pheromone perfumes which made her VNO more receptive.

All in all, I did not pay attention to her or her emotional needs and during the fights I was using pheromones to control her mind. I became preoccupied with my career and kind of lost myself in it..and based on what she told me she felt alone and all she had is me to “run to”, and yet I was distant and she alone. About a month ago she left for vacation to visit her family and friends and that’s when things started going from bad to worse. This “timeout” period made her think that she’s given her all and that this may be it for us.

After about a week of no contact I realized what I am about to lose all my pheromone bottles. I become very emotional and aware of my wrongdoings. But because of no contact rule I waited for her signal. She called and talked for a bit…a little more couple days later. I convinced her to give “us” one more shot at this and told her I still love her and I’m sorry for being such a dick. At first she was hesitant but agreed to it and will be coming back in about a week. Learn about the best pheromones to get laid.

The thing is that I’m not sure how to behave, I don’t wont to become a puppy dog, yet I’m the one at her “mercy”…if you wanna call it that. How do I proceed? How to find balance between being sorry (the one taking the blame) and being dominant? (but NOT to that extend where her voice doesn’t count and it’s either my way or the highway-BTW I did say that couple of times when I wore Pherazone.

By the sounds of it, she needs to find a circle of friends in the new town. That’s why she isn’t happy in the town. It’s hard for you to give her that though, she needs to put the work in herself.

It’s not the first time someone moves to a new place without realising that one will need to create a new circle of friends. And most people just stay in one place, thus eliminating the need for this.
The process of self-improvement is incredibly rewarding and you will even learn to embrace the struggle. Resistance and failure are preludes to growth. You only gain muscle when you push yourself a bit further than you have previously before. Every barrier you clear puts you closer to your goal. When you finally achieve your goals and look back on how much you have grown, you will realize that you would have not wanted it any other way. The best pheromones for sex will give you the confidence you need in the bedroom you need.

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