Maga RX and synthetic supplements


I picked up 2 bottles of magna-rx at my local GNC, where is was on sale as part of a 2 for 1 promotion. I forked out $43 for the 2 bottles, which represents a 2 month supply. It was on sale, and I haven’t seen this deal pop any other time. Regardless, I was armed with enough Magna rx to give it a good shot.

In researching Magna Rx, I found something to be rather laughable and thought I might share it with you. This brand advertises that its pills contain an exclusive trademarked “Orgasmic Thrust Activation Process”. Are you kidding me? That might just want to be one of the lamest and stupidest names for a trademark I have ever heard of. Anyway, back to my review…

My Review

It comes 60 tablets to a bottle. They are coated tablets quite large in size actually. It seems to be an older formula has been around for some length of time. To be honest, the bottle I had looked like it might have been pretty old. So, I started the Magna-RX product according to the directions of the manufacturer. They suggest taking 2 tablets, which deliver a huge load of herbs.  I proceeded to take this pill according to their recommendations for about 6 weeks straight to give it a full evaluation. My entire review is covered under the Does Magna Rx Work. You can learn more at and

Did Magna Rx Work?

 Well gents, the answer is no. I gave Magna rx the full benefit of the doubt and spent a solid 60 days taking the product. I was waiting for it to kick in, but it never did. I didn’t notice any benefit and certainly didn’t achieve any Orgasmic Thrust Activation. I think it is more marketing fluff than anything. You’re welcome to try it for yourself, but you have my personal perspective that it doesn’t work.


I started on my first day taking the 2 capsules as recommended. Most male enhancement supplements suggest that they can work fast, and I didn’t know what to expect with Magna Rx. To save you the suspense, I didn’t notice anything the first day I took Magna Rx. I pretty much figured that it would at least take a little bit of loading to get my body to work with the herbs. That’s pretty much standard for herbs these days.

I started to notice a slight improvement to my libido after about the first week of taking Magna Rx. I think it gave me a little boost to my sex drive, nothing to write home about, but it wasn’t bad. It was a nice little kick. I wouldn’t say that my erections were any better, I just seemed to be a little more excitable.

2 Weeks Later

After two weeks, just a slight improvement to the libido boost I mentioned. I guess that it isn’t bad if these capsules make you more excitable and give you a little more sexual energy. No real difference in erection quality, so I didn’t really see any results that Magna Rx advertised.

Finally, after a month I was getting slightly better erections and a libido boost. My penis definitely did not get larger as they led people to believe, but there were some slight effects that I could report out on. Are these effects worth the price of admission? Hmm, that is a tough call. I guess if you are spending $43 for a two months supply, that isn’t too bad.

My final conclusion is that Magna Rx does work, just not as well as I would have liked. Would I buy it again? It depends. I would probably by a different male enhancement supplement instead, but if I was in a pinch I might pick some more of this stuff up. For my recommendation on another product that I thought worked better than Magna Rx, look at my recommendation on the left.

So What Actually Works?

Magna Rx was a disappointment. At the end of the day, I keep coming back to a product that I tried a couple months ago called Vigrx Plus. They sometimes run a deal on their website where you can pick it up for $39, you may have to keep your eyes peeled for that deal. Anyway, this stuff worked great for me and got me up nice and hard every time while I was taking it. I’ve tried almost 20 different products now, and that seems to be the best in terms of performance and price. 

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