Does Size Matter For Women?

Interestingly, when women were blindfolded and asked to see various members and pick the one they’d choose for a long term relationship and NSA intimacy(one night stand). They picked 5.5 inches for the LTR and 6.5 inches for the NSA blindfolded on average. 6/7 when not blindfolded. The average male schlong is about 5.75″ roughly and 75% of all men fall within +/- 1 inch of this mark.

Once again, it’s mostly about thickness than it is about length so it’s a bit of a moot point as most of the erogenous zones are towards the start. Anything further in, can generally be very strongly stimulated with magnum bullet techniques. Plus, connection, comfort, mental arousal, dominance, variance and overall attraction all triumph over size or girth as long as you are average or within about 1 inch of it.

A large guy that cannot connection emotionally or has no dirty talk skills, no comfort building skills, not dominate enough or just lacks variety will ultimately lose out to an average guy.

The extreme’s mentioned earlier in this thread of 4 inches vs 8 inches and 4 inches vs 6 inches. Well 6 inches is very close to the average and would satisfy pretty much every women if all the important elements exist as listed two paragraphs ago. 4 inches however is far below the average size and would represent the smallest 4% of all men roughly. Comparing the smallest 4% of all men to the average is not really much of a comparison at all. 6 vs 7 and 7 vs 8 and 6 vs 8 would have been a far better discussion. Learn about X4 labs at and and and,1493313066,male-enhancement-report-com.html

Some women start to consider 8 too large and women can complain of pain from hitting the cervix in certain positions… So 6 and 7 can beat 8 for that reason alone. Consider many women in interviews that have excited the industry will talk about constantly being on pain killers, highly drugged up before doing any shoots due to extreme pain.

We are all guys here. Would you let something particularly large enter you and continue to enter you if you were experiencing pain and eventual tearing of your closest equivalent to a vagina? I think you would not. During dominance/rough intimacy with a strong emotional element, yes women can push past pain — but the damage to the vagina and soreness the next day can still easily exist and mitigate how fun overall the experience was if its a routine, constant pain that gets worse over time with progressive intercourse and leads to infection.

Hence. NSA = large is ok for a change. LTR = close to average is best(or just below when blind testing)


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