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Thanks for the reminder on human pheromones. They really don’t. Then on the other hand, I really don’t either, at least I try to know what I’m doing though Sometimes I’m asking myself, is anybody knowing what they’re doing, and if so, did they really took every relevant thing into your pheromone spray? Learn more about the power of pheromones at and

Twenty third entry – meditative experience (1): I get these experiences caused by my training in meditation, they are (most of the time) once in a lifetime experiences, hence the name “meditative experience”. I one time had that I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror, but I also didn’t saw my mirror image as somebody else (bizar stuff). The very first one was that I got really happy about breathing. These experiences are really personal and not PU related, hell I don’t even know what I can learn from some of them. The only reason I write them down is because I never felt that way ever before, or not so intense at the very least human pheromones. Learn more about pheromones here.

This one was really cool, because the concept of impermanence came to me on a really experiential level. I never thought that such a thing was possible. Turns out that not every part of a concept has to be experiential in order for it to be perceived as such with real pheromones.

Here is what happened when using natural pheromones.

I was trying to sleep but I had some haunting thoughts about my ex. They’re mild so I decided to a bit of meditation since I wanted to go to sleep, I couldn’t. Then I started to crave for the date that I have tomorrow. I quickly noticed that my ‘base level of craving’ has gone down the last two months. Eventually I said “dude if you want this date to go well, better sleep or you’ll be fucked up and tired there when you get there.” It drove the point home, so I started relaxing myself but the fact was, I just couldn’t sleep but now I didn’t think anything anymore with real pheromones.

Recognizing pheromone attraction when you show appreciation for what she just said. You don’t have to gush over whatever it is that she’s told you. On the contrary, you want her to keep talking!

In this step, the key is to smell her pheromones and find what you appreciate about it. This step requires active scent detection on your part to make sure that you are able to recognize pheromones through your vomeronasal organ.

This will motivate them to continue sharing with you. And you’ll be remembered as a guy who cares about what other people have to say and how they smell. A common complaint that women have about men is that they often wear cheap pheromone colognes.

This is another way to show that you are interested and listening to what she has to say. It also builds upon your connection by putting yourself in the vulnerable position.

Don’t forget that women are more emotional creatures than men. When you make pheromone signals, you’re making it easier for you to relate to them in the world in which they exist. You’re no longer focusing on the events themselves, but how they make you feel. You show a small degree of vulnerability, making it easier for her to talk to you, and allowing you to connect with her on a more one-to-one level.

In many cases, it’s prudent to start rapport by sharing a little about yourself, especially if the other person appears guarded by your pheromone aura. This will show that you’re interested, and help the other person feel more comfortable sharing with you. This technique is a combination of searching and building. You let her see who you are (building) and then segue into a leading question (searching).

Then suddenly out of nowhere. I feel my heart. I have this sometimes in meditation as well, this time it was particularly strong. I start to ‘listen’ to it aka feel it and I get calm because of it. I get really calm in fact. But I was still thinking a bit about the past and the future and about my ex and the date as thoughts on the background with natural pheromones.

Then, when I thought about my ex pheromones, I saw it as a phase all of a sudden. The time that I saw as very rigid and in a way ‘life determining’ now all of a sudden felt really fluid and almost meaningless in a sense. I think about the future, my aspirations (becoming awesome in multiple fields, computer science & psychology and doing all kinds of stuff on the side).

But because of my beating heart I realize something and I ask myself the following question:
You don’t know if you’ll be alive. Learn more about pheromones at

My imagined future flashes by in a second, gone up in smoke, I’m now dead, like almost everyone else.

I didn’t get scared of anything during this period. But what did happen is that I didn’t feel the same entitlement to live anymore. I felt entitled to live as long as my body would allow me to which is probably 80 years of age. But now I felt with every heartbeat as if I made a new milestone, what I really felt was the fragility of my body (I’m healthy, etc. btw).

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