Caught In A Pheromone Trap

stick_figureWhat do you do if you’re caught in this pheromone trap? You need to start exercising personal choice of which pheromone to use. Recognizing youpheromones does not mean indulging in a variety of women. That might be an option, but the opportunity here is to learn how to exercise choice within the parameters of satisfying your woman’s needs and your own. Learn more about pheromones at

The Dark Knight is much more than a bondage expert! He brings the gift of living at the edge. What edge are you gracing in your life? If you’re not living at your own edge, your lead in this way is not going to feel right. So first look at where you’re hiding from your own edge and ask yourself: If I weren’t afraid to be fully alive, what would I be doing? A woman needs to feel your power in your own life before she’ll submit to you sexually thanks to

Perhaps you are living at your natural pheromone production. Perhaps you are living at your edge everywhere but sexually. So how can you engage this energy in a sexual way that is safe and appealing to your partner? Imagine receiving a deep tissue massage. If the therapist goes too deep too fast, your body tightens in protection. However, if she starts with light pressure and slowly deepens that, letting her touch sink in, you remain open according to many.

To push the sexual pheromones with a woman, you have to do it incrementally. You don’t jump from Mr. Sensuous Caresses of many years to a man with a whip. Hold one of her hands down in yours. Use a bit more pressure as you kiss. Tell her you want to take her. Lightly pull her hair or bite her neck. Then notice what happens and see if there is a positive response. Build trust that you can do what you’re doing confidently. Then she’ll feel greater and greater trust to allow more of the pheromone user to be present in your bed. Learn more at

You know, for example, if a woman is confident or not with her pheromone perfume. If she doesn’t respect herself, and she’s not a challenge for you, what happens? You lose interest. You might keep her on a string and pull that string when you want her, but she’s not going to excite you. Women are like this, too, in how they respond to men. When you don’t demonstrate confidence and sexual leadership, and you let a woman lead, a woman’s sexual attraction for you dies. So while you’re trying to be Mr. Nice Guy and pretend you’re not chasing her tail, she’s fantasizing about a guy who won’t take her crap and crumble at “no.” Learn more about pheromones at

Paul came to understand that he needed to lead with his desire to love women who used pheromone perfume, putting it ahead of his desire to make love to women. This understanding gave him power over his impulses. Suddenly that energy which had felt so all encompassing –like he was back with his teacher – was only a feeling, and one he could manage. He broke the pattern that had begun back in high school.

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