How to Use Pheromones


Good, highly concentrated pheromones have influence over everybody, with no exception. Although it sounds incredible, original products based on pheromones may increase your company turnover – because of easier communication with people, interest in your person will significantly increase – people will respect you properly, you will wake up your male or female partner feelings in the way you still have not known, you will raise sexual excitement even to his or her limits…

What are pheromones?

Pheromones are naturally existing, volatile chemical substances emitted by living organisms. Individuals of the same species communicate with each other in order to exchange information. In the world of animals, a male is able to localize a partner despite distances exceeding miles. Those chemical substances produced during youth are responsible for gathering into couples during the mating period.

People also produce pheromones. Relevant to our species. Pheromones have a huge impact on the way people you meet perceive you – both men and women. Pheromones are for you if you are anxious about good communication with others if you want to have more influence over people and if you want to have what you expect from life. A pheromone is a tool for those who know what really matters in life – good communication. Learn more at

How to use pheromones?

We all differ from each other. Using the pheromones is a matter of practice and acquired experience. Some people need more pheromones than the others to be influenced by the pheromones. This differs from individual to individual. Use the pheromones every day, getting in the shops, to the library, to the cinema etc., not just to the club or to the pub. Just be yourself.

There are persons who do not succeed in the crowded pubs full of smoke (where there already is a lot of impulses for the sense of smell and VNO), whilst reaching VERY good results using the pheromones during the everyday life activities. You will notice how the world around you changes! You are not different – it is people around you who perceive your different way. Moreover, your self-confidence will significantly increase and it does not have anything to do with the placebo effect.

Studies and Reports

The effects of pheromones have recently been featured on countless news programs. ABC News, CNN, 20/20 and Hard Copy have all done prominent spotlights on the effectiveness of pheromones and their expanding role in cologne/perfume markets. Salespeople have found it advantageous in dealing with potential clients and customers. Elderly people seem to enjoy its effects and notice subtle differences in other people’s behavior towards them. Learn more at

But Where Did This All Start?

Research done by the University of Colorado discovered that the pheromone androstenone, which is found in human sweat, is detected by the Vomeronasal Organ (VNO) in the nose. Previously, the function of the VNO was unknown.

It was found that when pheromones stimulate the VNO a nerve impulse is sent to the hypothalamus initiating feelings of sexual attraction and desire thus confirming previous suspicions about the role of pheromones in human sexual communication. If you are interested in learning more about pheromone discoveries, research and current studies contact us.

Pherazone is a product designed, using this and other research, to optimize the effectiveness of androstenone in cologne. Our formula contains the highest concentration of androstenone presently available on the market.

Pheromone Optimization

Here is how to optimize your pheromones

  • Use fresh application before important meetings/encounters (dates, business meetings, etc) to recharge your pheromone levels
  • Put on hot spots – neck, chest, wrists and behind your ears
  • Put pheromones on articles of clothing
  • Get yourself into situations were your pheromones will be noticed
  • Do not put in your cologne/perfume (cologne & perfumes tend to mask the pheromone scent)
  • Put into massage oil for a truly sensual experience

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