Pheromones Information You Should Know

pheromones information

Either if you are a man or a woman, hetero or homosexual, looking for a one-night encounter or a stable relationship, pheromones are the secret of your success! Consider pheromone formulations to improve the image others get from you at work or among friends.

These natural attractants (from greek pheros, carrier and hormone, reaction) are biochemicals with the structure and function of hormones, produced and secreted by many animal species. Their function is to communicate and trigger a behavior in other individuals of the same species. Insects rely a lot on their behavior on pheromones, as they can range from a huge space compared to their size and their eye and vision are far more simple than invertebrates. Pheromones and their reactions have been studied in ants, bees, and others since long ago.

Reptiles and mammals have a dedicated organ (VNO, vomeronasal organ) for the detection of pheromones. For mammals, it was thought for a long time that pheromones had a very low importance if any and even it was thought that human species do not produce them as we use our intelligence instead. Most recent studies show that mammals produce and detect pheromones but instead of triggering a direct reaction they produce an unconscious message that can be repressed or not by the conscious brain. Learn more about how they work at

McClintock Research

In 1971, the researcher Martha McClintock, at the University of Chicago, published a study about the synchronization of the menstrual cycle of women living together. Such study proved that some human agent can affect the hormonal response of other people. It was the pheromone iceberg tip discovery.

Since then, chemists, biochemists, doctors, and psychologists have focused the research on these new molecules and finding their effects on the human body and what to use them for. They are actually a diffuse group (some of them are still discussed to be or not pheromones) of chemicals, and mainly are:

  • alpha-androstenol
  • beta-androstenol
  • androstenone
  • 4-androstenone
  • androsterone
  • androstanone
  • androstadienone
  • beta-androstadienol
  • estratetraenol
  • copulins (a group of chemicals as well)

Why Use Pheromones?

The first and main use is to trigger a strong sexual desire in men and women. But they are also useful for other purposes: you can be seen as nicer, to have more friends, to create a better and more appropriate image of yourself at a job, to reinforce your own personality or even to increase your natural pheromone production.

Are They Effective?

Pheromones are effective, really effective, but not magical. If you use them, don’t forget other factors that make you attractive, like the clothes you choose, hairstyle, and the way you talk to people. With this in mind, success is in your hands.

How To Buy Quality Pheromones

Our advice is:

  • Don’t trust too suggesting pictures and bottles
  • Don’t trust very high prices as well as too low ones or discounts
  • Look for formulations with at last three pheromone molecules
  • Look for providers having their own labs and quality controls
  • Higher concentration doesn’t mean more effective. Look or quality formulations instead

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