90% of the pheromone fragrances


Is it me or is 90% of the pheromone fragrances industry built on branding rather than smells? I have collected numerous aftershaves over the years by all the well known names but it seems like I pay for the name rather than the smell.

Recently out of curiosity I bought a cheap supermarket aftershave because I saw a blind-test on YouTube comparing the supermarket aftershave to a well known Hugo Boss pheromone perfume, and it was a close call by females between the two. Learn more at http://mpommett79.hatenablog.com/entry/2015/09/14/040259

The supermarket bottle smells almost like the $80 Hugo Boss version so it made me realise how branding dominated industry this is.

When I say “You smell really nice.” to someone the reply I get back is the brand they are wearing rather than what type of smell it is. I get that too when I tell women they smell great. The brand name and like i even know that. Learn about Pheromax for women | Pheromones-4u.com

I just ignore and continue escalating!

But yes the pheromone smells don’t change. Infact a few do have a distinct smell base on the brand. Pherazone and red is bad as its too generic and not different.

I have this Max Attraction Silk (the blue t-shirt bottle) – I think I got the name wrong here but this has a distinct different smell. Well I’m not an expert but I’ve been told the difference between aftershave, eau de toilet and perfume is strength. Aftershave being the weakest and lasting 1-3 hours, then eau de toilet lasting 6 hours or so and perfume being the strongest and lasting around 8 hours… Of course where you apply the scent will affect how long it lasts. I’ve also been told perfume will last about 3-5 years because the oils which contain the scent start to break down.

I tend to think deodorant should be scentless and your cologne should be your “main” scent, so that the smells don’t combine into something nasty. You need to use them daily, and always apply right out of the shower, but they totally control the strength of your body odor without masking or interfering with your natural scent/pheromones.

No cakey white powder or sticky gel residue either.

When you’re going for long term pheromone seduction avoid ALL popular pheromone colognes and use something completely unique (personal essential oil blend for example). Scent is an enormous trigger and once you’ve created the association between what you do to her and a particular scent… do you really want loads of other guys wearing the same scent setting off those unconscious triggers? I knew about the difference in strength of these cologne types, but I am interested in what type you wear and in what situation. Perfume, I’ve heard, isn’t really a manly thing to use. Eau de toilet is about the strongest you should go. But this is only an opinion I’ve read somewhere and I would like to hear what you guys think. I think that when you go to school or work you shouldn’t wear something strong, or not?

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