Use of Pheromones

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Here you will find the most frequent questions regarding human pheromone colognes and perfumes. If your doubt is not answered here, you can write us to our experts and doctors. They will answer you privately.

Are there pheromones for gays and lesbians?

Yes, gays and lesbians get attracted to people slightly different than those being attractive to heterosexual men and women. Our research has found the difference and our formulations for gays and lesbians are different than those for heterosexuals. Learn more at

Can they be used after menopause?

It’s not only possible but recommended. Women are more sensitive to small hormonal changes. By using feminine pheromones, menstrual cycles are more regular before menopause and in general all the hormonal equilibrium. In addition, pheromones have a clear stimulating and antidepressant effect.

Which one is the most exciting pheromone?

What makes a pheromone formulation good or bad is its composition. Isolated pheromones have a really little effect, simply because it’s not natural. People produce a mix of several pheromones plus other substances with sweat. Human VNO is sensitive to it and discards those mixtures looking like not natural. For this reason, pheromone products with just one pheromone should be considered as a very little effect. Pheromone formulations created by Pheromone Seduction Labs have a minimum of 4 different pheromones. Learn more at

What is the ‘aura’ of pheromones?

Every time we see a person for the first time, we make up an image of him/her. We use clues as dressing style, appearance, gestures, speech, etc. But whenever we get close to a person, in addition to that conscious information, we also get some unconscious information (about sex, age, vital energy, health, etc.) of that person through the pheromones. We call ‘aura’ to this part of the image a person produces in others. Learn more at

What can happen if a man carries pheromones to attract men?

Contrary to what many are afraid of, nothing would happen, simply because he is a man and not a woman. The same applies to a woman carrying pheromones to attract women. Nevertheless, if a man carries pheromones for gays (or a woman for lesbians), he (she) could find that night to be more solicited but from the wrong side!

What’s the difference between pheromones for sexual excitation and those to socialize?

There is a little difference in the formulation. The fact is there is a difference between those people being ‘sexy’ and those being ‘nice’. Pheromones for sexual excitation create an intense and powerful reaction, especially if used in a leisure environment (club, sports, etc.). Social pheromones are more subtle in their effects (some users say they are ‘slower’ but we don’t agree as it’s simply for a different goal) and are used to look for stable relations, fit into social groups, etc.

How to know if I get true pheromones and avoid cheating?

As pheromone are sold almost exclusively on the internet, the customer has only a website to check the provider quality. Our advice is to check it completely and discard those with either a non-professional appearance and those with too many suggesting pictures. Look for professional providers presenting chemical, medical and psychological information instead of magic. We also think a serious provider uses a standard bottle like those for pharmaceutical use and doesn’t need any beautifully designed bottle.

 Is it true they can be used at work?

Is quite unknown but it’s true. Biologically, men project an image of authority, strength and determination. These are desirable traits for managers and executives. In key meetings, presentations, debates, etc. people (men and women) can use masculine blends to help themselves to create a more appropriate image of themselves to obtain their goals.

Can they be used in a stable relationship?

Why not? It is well known that a stable couple’ intimate life can become boring up to the point of crisis and even divorce. Both men and women need some news and excitation from time to time. Some couples can put this into their lives but others cannot. The use of pheromones creates some extra excitation that brings some freshness (as users say) and takes the relation back to the first months. Learn more at

At what age do pheromones start being effective?

Pheromones are sex hormones and therefore begin produced in the puberty, between 15 and 18 years old (with a slight variation among continents). From that age, people are also sensitive to pheromones, especially between 20 and 25 years old where there is a peak of maximum sensitivity, to gradually decrease with age after that.

Can I increase my natural production of pheromones?

We have found some people producing levels over the mean. they are ‘hot’ people (maybe not psychologically) and perhaps they aren’t very much attractive, but surprisingly successful with the opposite sex (or whatever they look for). Some other people, on the contrary, even if they are good-looking, healthy, etc. lack that ‘mysterious’ point to succeed. A reason can be a low production or a bad pheromone composition. There is a recent therapy to increase the production of natural pheromones.

By using the so-called ‘training pheromones’ the body ‘learns’ and the organism readjust itself to produce a good pheromone formulation, in a similar way a vaccine makes the body to react against the agent.

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