Pheromones That Really Work!

pheromones that really work

If you‘ve looked at other pheromones sites you will see quite a different message in this one. The competitors see mainly one major use for their products. Sex Attraction.  Yippee, we can all like that idea, especially if we run unattached or lonely. But what about the rest of us?

For those in the majority who have matured with their responsibilities or commitment and family, is there really something here we should know about? That’s our EXCITING message, and it’s what you came here to discover

Put Sixth Sense Communication To work

Do you realize that in the animal kingdom pheromones govern ALL Social behavior? And do you understand that that the human animal also produces pheromones? Well, If we do, why don’t we know a heck of a lot about them? one reason is that humankind early developed other, more acceptable methods or governing social behavlor.

If you stop to think that the pheromones we do produce are excreted in bodily wastes. And it becomes quite obvious to understand that civilization has taught us to flush most of that stuff these days. Also, most of us require our morning showers, so except in rare circumstances, most of what we’d ordinarily have is washed down the drain.

Also, as we age, our natural pheromone output lessens. Still, we do have a momentary that all of us could be using. But what could we possibly be using it for, anyway? If we are loyal and loving mates why would we be using “sex attractants”? Or is there something more? Learn more how pheromones work.

The Good News About Pheromones

Pheromones act in unseen ways to improve levels of communications. The other marketers have not necessarily told us wrong, they just haven’t revealed the whole story. If you buy a bottle to go out looking for sex, chances are good that it’s the message you are communicating. Here is some evidence human pheromones work.

If on the other hand you work in the complaint department of a high volume discount store and are trying to be helpful by offering solutions, chances are that the irate customer will more readily perceive your good intentions if your pheromones help you deliver that message. We don’t hear much about the business people, salespeople, politicians, people on job interviews or whomever, who also find pheromones to be very helpful in open communication with others.

Even Better News

Now If they work in public, what do you think are the chances of them working even better at home? ‘Home is where the heart is”. After all, it’s the focal point, the very repository of the people you care about more than anyone else. If you can communicate better at home and can have your own good intentions better understood, would you be willing to give them a try?

The primary mission of Relationship Magic was to find a way to improve the lives of couples who and themselves coming unglued due to life circumstances and are growing apart rather than pulling together. It was and still is our primary intent to use the “attraction value‘ or pheromones to open the pathway or communication and understanding again. Even if a couple is still madly in love and spends most of their time together, there is yet one more aspect to discuss. It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that when both of the couples wear them in their intimate time together that the magnetic-like attraction in the bedroom might remind you of fireworks on the 4th of July.

Realistic Expectations

Honestly, as good as all these sounds, we are still talking science, not magic. Pheromones do help you become more attractive to most people around you. Some of it relies on how perceptive they are. But phenomena this writer early observed is that in any given group of people, notice how the babies and toddlers react to you wearing pheromones. They can’t even talk yet nor can their delight be associated in any manner with sexual attraction. Still, they literally light up in your presence.

As remarkable as that is, you will soon notice a certain same gender bonding, and it too has nothing whatever to do with sex. A woman wearing pheromones working with other women finds an inherent level of almost automatic trust and respect. A man wearing pheromones in association with other men often commands the room. The chemist who developed these formulas said that in a room of mixed genders all wearing pheromones, use of these products can affectionately be described as a “Hug Drug”. Learn more at

What Not To Expect

Something startlingly different. Other people don‘t hurl themselves at you or chase you down. The next thing not to expect is to have uncalled for sexual overtures. A salesman wearing pheromones never has to worry about the buyer begging them to place an order. A myth to dispel quickly is the illusion of psychological power or to feel as though others will be subject to your will.

They just don’t work like that. The way they do work is more on the order of what’s already been said. Wearing pheromones you are much more likely to encounter people who see something distinctive about you, someone they might like to get to know better, and often someone who by intuition appears to be a person they can probably trust. It’s why most pheromone promoters get by with calling it a sex attractant. People are attracted to you all right, but once the line communication is open, it’s up to you to be as appealing as you truly are. Pheromones don’t close the sale… only you can do that.

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