Pheromone Studies and Results

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There are some studies that support the idea that human pheromones work. For example, Dr. Winnifred Cutler discovered pheromones in 1986. She performed a double-blind study on men in 1998 where she collected bodily fluids from men in their 20s. Sure enough, she had found the pheromones and created a synthetic version for this test. She didn’t know who had it and they didn’t know whether they were in the placebo group or the experimental group. The experiment showed that 74% of men who had the pheromones on got an increase in attention from women. Whereas, only 23 percent of men in the placebo group saw an increase.

Almost immediately, Dr. Culter started marketing this as her own pheromone product. And she says very clearly in the instructions, you know, other people sell pheromones not based on this research. She founded the Athena Institute and they have been in the pheromone business ever since. Learn more at and

About Athena Pheromones

Athena Pheromone 10X was created to enhance romantic attraction from the opposite sex. They were first produced in 1995 after intensive pheromones research and development. Pheromones are believed to increase sexual desire and intimacy. Athena Pheromone 10X is typically marketed at men, however, the version targeted at women is Athena Pheromone 10:13. A 7.5-milliliter bottle of Athena typically costs $98.50.

Athena Institute or better known as the Athena 10x, on the other hand, has undergone a pheromone test by Dr. Winnifred B. Cutler. It has been proven based on actual resorts reported by men that after placing the pheromones in their aftershave, they have an increase of not less than 30% on their sexual intercourse, foreplay, sleeping next to a romantic partner, and formal or casual dates. It has been proven to be most effective to attract men to women.

Other Studies

I found some other studies that support the existence of these chemical attractants. There was a later study for women that produce similar results and I the percentages were exactly the same at 74 and 23%. The women reported an increase in affection, kissing, petting, that kind of stuff. 

How I Tested Pheromones

I thought one way would be to show up at a bar, get a baseline so I’me not wearing any pheromones, but instead wearing a cologne or perfume. I sat there in the bar and I notice how many people approach, hit on me, or give me any sort of romantic or sexual attention. Then later I go back to the same bar as close to the same conditions as I can wearing pheromones to see if it increases the independent variable. It sounds scientific, except of course my study size is too small.

 That’s OK because there hasn’t been a ton of research into this.  Even though other studies did not show an increase in the approaches of women, in my very limited study it did. Try pheromones for yourself now, surely you would be pleasantly surprised with this new level of attraction. Forget about hypnosis, trickery, or the smoke and mirrors games of dating. You want animal magnetism and amazing sexual chemistry, plain and simple.

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