Universal Pheromones


How sweet of God to have given us this universal sex pheromones unrestricted to season or time of the month. The hidden estrus, the familiar smells of the ones we love help on us to them. Our family structure is based on our ability to channel our sensitivity and attraction to sexual odors and the demands of society to control our sexual impulses.

Our Sensitivity to Sexual Pheromones

Our scientific neglect of pheromones as a factor influencing our efforts to define gender identity and behavior relate to our lack of awareness of the degree of sensitivity to odors. As discussed earlier, recent work indicates the human VNO distinguishes sexual odors dependent on its origin governed by gender. Our sensitivity to these pheromones depends on both its sexual origin and on the sexual identity of the subject smelling it. Regardless of age, our nose contains pheromonal receptors which stimulate brain centers responsible for sexual awareness and sexual identity which mature largely with adolescence. In this we are no different physiologically from animals such as cats and dogs. Learn more about pheromones attraction: http://www.t-toshi.com/pheromones-produce-familiar-smell/ and http://monclerdoudounesoldes.com/pheromones-and-the-sixth-sense/.

It we see our sexual behavior as related to odor we can understand the preferences of homosexuals, transvestites, transsexuals, and perhaps, even scientists. More importantly, it explains sexual passion How do we explain the interest in anal sex or our growing national enthusiasm for oral sex?

Both of these interests can be divorced from fecal or urinary odors and related to the sexually active glands in the vicinity of the rectum or genitals. It is our feeling that although our changing patterns of sexual activity influenced by sexual pheromones may be influenced by pornography, our behavioral responses Ire instinctive. In order for popular culture to accept non-reproductive ux. there has to be an underlying physiologic basis where pleasure predominate. We believe odor preference is the centerpiece sexual identity defining sexual preferences and perfomance or preferences: The Nose gain,’ while we agree that children are sexual beings, as Freud noted, believe that sexual identity is strongly influenced by odor preference.
Simply put, we select partners that “smell good” to us thanks to natural pheromones poduction. As Freud points out, as children we are not seeking an erotic partner, and ready availability of female sexual interest provides us with bonding that creates the family. Women do not ordinarily flaunt their sexual availability as seen in apes or monkeys. This allows civilization to flourish without chronic male rivalry or gross competition for females. By turns alluring, much of childhood sexuality is self-centered: children seek out that make them feel comfortable or feel good.

Learn about these pheromones for men: http://48fm.net/teasing-her-with-pheromones/ 
How Our Vomeronasal Ogran Detects Pheromones
How does this structure actually sense molecular presence? This is still a largely unanswered question. Various theories exist to explain how the olfactory membrane can be excited and an impulse produced which is specific to that particular pheromonal odour. These include (1) the ‘lock and key’ theory which relies on the physical shape of the molecule to select certain reception sites and reject others; (2) the ‘low frequency molecular vibration’ theory which draws attention to the phenomenon of molecular vibration and points out how such vibrations could bring about phased vibrations in the receptor sites; (3) the ‘primary odour’ theory which holds that all pheromone scentss are composed of a mixture of various primary odorous substances, in much the same way as all colours are composed of three primaries.

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