Androstenone Pheromones for Men and Women


Pheromone cologne with androstenone is the ultimate weapon for subliminal seduction. You can’t argue with nature. Pheromone Colognes have been scientifically proven to be the main factor in sexual attraction. This is true in the animal kingdom and it is true with humans.

Women cannot resist the allure of Primal Instinct pheromone cologne. Primal Instinct has the most powerful concentration of the male pheromone Androstenone. Women are not only attracted to the pheromone scent, but they also become more responsive, more attentive, and more interested in you when you give off that certain scent.

Pheromone Perfume to Seduce Men

OK, so it’s usually easy to seduce a man, but it is not so easy to seduce the right man. Pheromone perfume with Androstenol is the key to sexual attraction, and men are helpless against it. So when you think you’ve met the right guy, you need Primal for Her pheromone perfume on your side because it is literally sexual chemistry in a bottle.

Primal for Her pheromone perfume offers the highest concentration of the female pheromone Androstenol (and Copulins) on the market. Men will feel attracted to you, and they will even be more receptive to the things you say and the things you do. The effect is almost like a magical spell, and all it takes is a single drop of this powerful human pheromone love potion. Learn more at

Pherazone Review

Pherazone is a new pheromone cologne that is exploding in popularity among the pheromone community.

While Pherazone is relatively unknown as of this review, after our initial tests we predict it will become one of the better-known products because of the overall effectiveness and amount of pheromones they’ve crammed into their concentration.

As of right now, we don’t know a lot but we do know Pherazone contains the big three pheromones androstenone, androstenol, and androsterone. While that is enough to make a stellar pheromone cologne the folks responsible for Pherazone hint at “extra ingredients” and special formulations but are tight-lipped about the specifics. Much like Chikara, it is typically these “little extras” that separate them from the pack of ordinary pheromone colognes. In our reviews, Pherazone had the best scent of any scented pheromone cologne. While Chikara came in a very close second, Pherazone ended up the preferred choice for scent.

So the scent is great but what about the delivery method? We here at Pheromone Review Center have always preferred the “dropper” type bottles versus the “spray” type and Pherazone didn’t disappoint. Much like Alter Ego, you can get every single ounce of the product right onto your skin with the dropper bottle while never losing any of the product by spraying it into the air. While it may come down to personal preference we found that products with this type of delivery method were much more cost effective for users because it lasted so much longer (often two to three times longer). Learn more at

Is It Effective?

While scent and delivery method are important we base much more of our ratings on the effectiveness of the product. And surprisingly the results from this product were also the most pronounced among the pheromones colognes we’ve tested. A multitude of hits and great reactions with women are what made us really love Pherazone and rate it as our current preferred choice of pheromone cologne. See my Pherazone review results.

The downside to Pherazone is they keep their product slightly “underground” and they are not a big company or retail pheromone store. Many times this is a plus, however, they consistently sell out of their product and obtaining Pherazone can be difficult. While this is a hassle it could be seen as a plus because you’ll be one of the lucky few wearing Pherazone when you go out. There’s nothing worse than having the same scent as the next guy.

So Pherazone performed extremely well and is currently rated the top pheromone cologne. If you get the chance we highly recommend giving it a try.

How To Buy Pheromones

If you want the raw attraction, you need the concentrated human pheromone power of Primal Instinct and Primal for Her. You can even purchase the Burning Desire pheromone candle for a little extra help. You can’t argue with nature.

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