Pheromones Between the Sexes


If you have been in the dating game then you may have heard about these invisible sexual attractants that make you more attractive to the ladies and to the opposite sex. Let’s face it, being in a relationship requires compromise on both sides and respecting the wishes of the other. Manipulation is never healthy in a relationship (but my sourness believes that is what women and men do).
Considering no one is perfect and we all are human beings with flaws, I would think about what’s essential in a relationship for you and what are deal breakers. Then I would have an open talk with her and find out if you both can respect the wishes of the other and hopefully with respectful discussion you’ll have a better feel where this is going. Learn about pheromones at

Pheromones Amongst The Sexes

Let’s compare the pheromone system between the sexes. In humans we feel that pheromones can play that role. In birds, dogs, cats and tigers, response to strangers of their own species is met with male aggression, particularly during the mating period. This overt hostility must be defused, to avoid competitive male aggression that can spill over to hurt not only combative males, but available females, despite the need for mating to occur. When an estrus female appears on the scene, despite her sexual availability, male instinct may initially perceive her as a stranger, unless behavioral patterns are instinctively ‘ established which convert male aggression to courtship. Check out

Aggressive males have to rapidly switch from hostility to courtship, and the signals emitted ‘ by available females govern this response. Similarly, males must signal is their peaceful intentions to females through courtship behavior, to participate in displays that signal their sexual availability, which will not be preempted by the primacy of aggression. Check out Pherazone pheromones to see how effective they are at
Can a woman’s pheromones dispel male aggression? With rape it might serve as the wrong signal. Yet, how many of us in the presence of the one we love achieve a tranquility that has at its core the awareness of sexual excitement.

True, there are exceptions where masochism and sadistic‘ behavior are associated with human sexuality, but one must ask if familial bonding and civilization resulted from pheromonal attraction damping ‘I down aggression by providing for the anticipation or prolongation of pleasure as a mutually shared human event. Learn about pheromones and attraction at
 As we have seen earlier, the ability of pheromones to encourage love between mother and child is also seen in the intimate bonding between lovers.

How could it not be, as we spend much of our time in each other’s pheromonal-laden company? It’s not surprising that in sharing ideas, activities, and eventually our beds, that we would become emotionally; connected on a physiological level through the exposure and exchange!‘ of our pheromones. Pheromones are “biphasic” in their effects. At one,‘ level they may stimulate aggression, but more commonly at another place and time they may transmit an aura of peaceful affability, leading to the “Garden of Eden” and the passion of coitus and its afterglow.

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