Working With Pheromones


Spend time working with pheromones. The more practice, the more comfortable you will be, which in turn will allow others to be comfortable with it. Check out the pheromones at

Use the back of your hand to apply pheromones on your shoulder when cracking a joke or showing appreciation. 1-2 seconds is all it takes. Don’t worry if it comes off a little awkward at first, it can take a little time. Before you know it you’ll be a pro!

When at the club, if it’s busy, feel free to apply some more pheromone perfume. I like Salsa because it is a dance that is very physical and will allow you to get comfortable with close contact and touching. The great thing about it is that these classes are usually packed with more girls than guys, and they will be very appreciative of you being there. Learn more about pheromones at

What Pheromone Attraction Is

If it was favorable you went ahead and asked her out, if it wasn’t you would move on to the next one. Showing interest This will leave people asking questions. Who is that guy? What’s his deal? How can I learn more about him? You’ve just ignited their interest and curiosity. And that’s exactly what pheromone attraction is according to me.

Attracting two women with pheromones (neither of whom was Sandra), Andrew leaned in with a smile and said (to no one in particular): “Excuse me guys, you don’t want to miss out on the red velvet cake. It was flown in from the Cake Man in Brooklyn. He’s a legend, and you’ll never forgive yourselves if you don’t have a piece.” Andrew’s announcement elicited mixed pheromonal responses.

A few people immediately bee-lined for the catering table and a piece of cake. A couple aloof pheromone users ignored Andrew. Sandra gave Andrew a quick up-and-down glance but, upon making eye contact with our Silverback hero, she shyly turned back to her female friend and continued chatting. Did Andrew rush over to Sandra and try to talk to her? Of course not. That’s not the pheromone seducer way. Instead, Andrew went to work on his pheromone attraction triggers.

Using Pheromones

Over the course of the next 15 minutes, Andrew masterfully did the following:

• Andrew slowly-but-surely positioned himself in the center of the group, further exhibiting the Leader of The Pheromone Attraction Trigger.

Soon, Andrew had shaken hands with almost every single person in the group — except for nonchalant Sandra and her friend. • While the pheromone users in the group bragged about their stock portfolios and their fantasy football teams, Andrew charmed three of the less-attractive women in the group — making sure his interaction with them was plainly visible to Sandra. Andrew eloquently told the women about a short fiction piece he likes, a story called The Martyr by a Southern writer named Katherine Anne Porter, about a famous Mexican painter who is so heartbroken when his muse and model leaves him for a younger rival that he eats himself to death. Learn more about pheromones at

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