Max Attraction Gold Review for 2018

Max Attraction Gold Review

Let’s start with my review of Max Attraction Gold! I was very pleased with how Luvessentials formulated their pheromones. They managed to create a nice and powerful blend that works in almost all situations.

About Max Attraction Gold

Max Attraction claims to have 19 mg of powerful pheromones that women find irresistible. They are endorsed by Dr. James Vaughn Kohl, a pheromone researcher with over 10 years of research. So, we thought to ourselves, this could be what every man is looking for in a pheromone cologne. And unsurprisingly, we decided to give it a field test! Before buying Max Attraction Gold we decided to look at their site. The first thing we noticed was that just like Pherazone they offer a FULL MONEY BACK warranty. That’s one thing you always need to look for when buying any product. Learn more about pheromones at

We placed the order and in about two weeks it showed up in the mail. My friends and I were so excited to try it. So much so, that the same night we got all dressed up and ready to hit the dating scene. But think to yourself, what can you possibly do on a Tuesday night in New York? Sometimes, I think that was more of the challenge than field testing the pheromone itself. Learn more about pheromones at

First Impressions

We decided we were gonna do things a little different this time. So we decided to take the train downtown and find a few places to test Max Attraction Gold. Before leaving the house, we sprayed on the pheromone and we all noticed the same thing. Although it smells good, it’s not what it says on the website (fresh smell). It’s more of a musky smell that I’m not too drawn to. Lets put it this way, if you’re into musky smelling colognes then this is the right one for you.

We hopped on the train and we were excited to see what was gonna happen that night. Ryan, (one of my friends) decided to approach this beautiful Hispanic girl that was a few feet away from us. He went right up to her and started asking her questions. They talked for about 20 minutes until he finally was like “what are you doing tonight?” The girl totally rejected him by saying “I am busy and will be all week”. So he said goodbye and we waited till we got to Manhattan.

The train stopped so we went into the first little Irish bar we saw. It was one of those city basement bars and in all honesty, I didn’t think we would find any good looking girls in there! We walked in like it was a western movie and we ordered some drinks. We sat in the corner making ourselves available. It was around 10:30 at night and the place started to get packed and the ladies started walking in. My friend Jose and Ryan were so ready to test Max Attraction Gold that they actually put some music on and started dancing like maniacs. So I decided to join them!!

Mixed Results

Within 15 minutes 3 girls got close and we ended up dancing and talking! I was already excited that something was gonna happened. So I decided to order more drinks and let the good times roll.

It is very hard to work a girl yourself and watch your friends try to do the same so please bear with me on this one! I started asking the girl where she was from and what was she into. And when I asked her if she wanted to go to my apt for a drink and a good conversation. Well, long story short she was not interested and said no. I ended up going home alone that night. Jose actually did get his girl to his apt and they talked all night. And he even tried to make a move but the girl declined and asked him to call her a taxi home.

Ryan in other hand hooked up with a nice Asian girl and she actually invited him to her place where they talked, drank, and had crazy sex all night!! So with one out of three, we can say that Max Attraction Gold works pretty well compared to a lot of other pheromones. Now that our experiences are documented let me explain what I liked and didn’t like about Max Attraction Gold.

What Could Be Better

The musky smell of the cologne was a little too much for me and my other friend. Even though it works, I am more into fresher smelling colognes like Aqua Di Gio and Armani Code.

I am a natural born skeptic and I will always question every pheromone cologne that comes out because there is a lot of junk. Unfortunately, they don’t offer a lot of info on their website.

While I liked the results it took a little too long for the bottles to get to us in the mail, so rush delivery (costs more) would be recommended!

It lasted about two and a half hours while others last four or more.

What I Like About Max Attraction Gold

Max Attraction Gold delivered some results with very little effort and it was good enough for the average Pheromone user.

They offer a full money back warranty with no questions asked.

Lots of testimonials from satisfied customers.

Reasonable pricing.

Industry endorsed.


Max Attraction Gold performed like an average pheromone cologne. I wouldn’t consider of one of the top pheromones for men. We have tried dozens of pheromones.Unfortunately, most of the ones out there are SCAMS which is why we picked the 5 that worked for us. If you are looking for an affordable pheromone cologne that delivers average results then you can check it out by clicking on the link below. If you don’t like it you can always get your money back. Check out the pheromones at

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