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Nexus Pheromones Review
Here is my review of  Nexus Pheromones. This androstenone based pheromone cologne has it all, but what really got me interested was the powerful list of pheromones. Nexus stands behind their product 100% and proudly offers you a money back guarantee. A friend of mine who actually swears by a pheromone called Alpha 7 told me was doing some research on other pheromones. And that is how I first discovered it.

I decided to place the order. After a few days, the product arrived and we were up for the test. Testing Nexus pheromones was fun. Before leaving the house we did what every pheromone user should do, shower and be free of any other colognes that could taint our results.

Nexus Formula

Nexus contains the following pheromone molecules:

  • Androstenone
  • Alpha-Androstenol
  • Androsterone
  • Epiandrosterone
  • Beta-Androstenol
  • Androstedienone
  • Androstanone
  • First Impressions
We put on Nexus and both smiled. This is one of the best smelling pheromones out there. The scent is mild and pleasant and reminds me a lot of Drakkar Noir. This is a famous cologne that everyone used in the 90s. Jose showed me their website. They claim Nexus lasts a whole 8 to 10 hours. Now that’s something we had to try. So, Jose drove us to the library and we decided to go use the internet cubicles where we saw a few good looking girls there.

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We sat right next to them and pretended we were surfing online. Being the skeptic that I am, I was pretty much waiting to see if what we had planned would work. Would Nexus Pheromones be everything they claim to be or just another scam? Like I said before, to see is to believe. We started goofing off and one of the girls smiled at us! An hour after she gets up she hands me a piece of paper! I was like, “wow , this stuff is better than I thought”. I opened the paper to look for the number and put it on my cell phone. And to my disappointment, it said “please, can you guys be a little quiet next time?”

So I got a little mad and Jose started laughing! We decided to go to the supermarket and scope out the scene. after all. Before we got to the parking lot, we saw a girl about 23 years old stuck in the snow. We totally forgot about our Nexus field test and we got out the car to see if she needed a little help. She was a little shy at first so Jose started joking a little. He said a few things to get her to know we were harmless.

Jose and I started pushing the car and we finally got it out. So, she offered to buy us a coffee at the supermarkets coffee shop. We ordered 3 coffees and sat down after a few minutes before she totally noticed our cologne. She said “you guys smell the same” “do you also shower together?” We both looked at each other and started laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. And Jose answered, “nah, this is a little stronger here, smell mine!”. She smelled it and totally seemed to like it, so I stood up and left them alone.

Nexus Pheromone Results

By the time I got back she was gone! He was sitting there smiling and had not only her number but he had a date for that same night squared away! He was smiling as we drove to the house that night. I said, ?there is no way that happened that quick!” Well, long story short, they went out that night and he wore Nexus again which totally got him laid. He had a smile from ear to ear.

I asked him how it went? And he just said, “we went out to eat, we got to her house and right before I thought she was going to say goodbye, she jumped on me, and totally took control of the situation.” Now that’s a pretty good field test! Nexus delivers on their claims, especially for the price. Learn more about pheromones at

Things I Like About Nexus

  1. The bottle looks sexy and its very easy to hide in your pockets.
  2. The blending is very good (not as good as Pherazone) and it did deliver results.
  3. They have many satisfied customers.
  4. They offer a money back guarantee.
  5. For the price you’re not gonna find anything stronger out there.

Things I Don’t Like

  1. Still smells like a cologne from the 90s.
  2. It took about 10 days to get here.
  3. They do not offer anything else with the purchase.
  4. They don’t have an automated billing system.
  5. It DID NOT LAST 8 to 10 hours like they claim.


Nexus is a great pheromone cologne that works. Although it’s not quite as powerful as Pherazone, it totally worked for us. If you’re interested in learning more about Nexus then click here.
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