How To Mix Athena Pheromones

Athena Pheromones

Athena pheromones were developed by Dr. Winifred Cutler, who co-discovered pheromones in humans in 1986. They have been selling pheromone cosmetic since 1993, and it is used by many thousands of people all around the world. Your product comes with a full set of printed instructions for use.

About Pheromones

Do pheromones actually work on the man, or does it work on the woman who’s wearing it? I’ve been wondering that for the last 20 years. Unfortunately, we really don’t know.

In their double-blind studies, we test the behavior of the person who’s wearing it. Now, in this case, the women were the ones who were testing a product. That behavior was the behavior of men. But there was another behavior among the others. Among the six socio-sexual behaviors sleeping next to a partner. So we could conclude that pheromones did not cause a woman to have a greater interest in the behavior. However, we can’t conclude that the pheromones worked first on him or first on her. Learn more about Athena pheromones at

This is because we don’t really know whether in sniffing the pheromone she changed some form of the way she signals. But we do know that when she wears the pheromone, men are more responsive to her.

How To Mix Athena Pheromones

Assemble your vial of pheromones that you’ve just removed from the carton, your perfume bottles, the funnel that comes in the package, and perhaps a small cup to catch anything that might spill.

If you only have a spray, you’re going to need to use a mixing bottle because the product cannot be used in a spray. They also offer a wide mouth funnel that will better catch your fragrance if you prefer to spray it out of the bottle without destroying the top of your spray fragrance. You can also destroy the top and just empty it into the mixing bottle.

Open the Product

Now we’re ready to open the product. First, remove the plastic colored top that pulls right off. Now you’re left with a metal seal, and on the seal, there’s a tab and two scenes.

I firmly grasp the circular tab between your two fingers and pull along the scene and that breaks open the metal seal, which can then be easily removed. All that is left is the rubber stopper, which you gently pull off the vial, maybe holding it over a cup. This is optional.


Now it’s time to pour the rest of the vial into either your Cologne bottle or are blue mixing bottle. You cannot store the pheromones in the original vial. Fill the remainder of the mixing bottle by continuously spraying your fragrance in so that your mixture, it will be one vial of Athena pheromones and the rest of the way up with your fragrance.

Now just screw on the lid.Gently shake the bottle and you’re ready to wear your mixture. Me Turn it upside down. A little bit of my lie to your upper lip, behind the ears, the neck, wherever you like to wear fragrance. There’s something in it and enjoy it. Check out my Athena pheromones report.

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